• Bachan - Luz del Bosque [Official Video - Long version]

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    video recorded with magical souls in the magical lands of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Gracias madre tierra, luna, aguas y hermanos de Luz!

    music / música: Madeleine Bachan Kaur - http://huemanbeing.com/
    co-produced by / co-producido por: Anthony Molina - http://anthonymolina.com/
    cello & melodica: Nicholas Patterson
    Sitar: Leonardo Har Prakash - http://www.bolemusica.com


    directed & edited by / dirigido y editado por: Madeleine Bachan Kaur - http://huemanbeing.com/
    Produced by / produced por: Alfonso Gorrido http://residenciagorila.com
    co-producer & director of photography / co—predictor y director de fotografía : Catalina Ausin
    2nd unit director of Photography / segundo operador de camera: Igor Cedeno
    underwater photography / fotografía submarina: Ernesto Ortega https://www.facebook.com/eo...
    make-up / maquillaje: Cunti

    Cast / Actores

    Prema Diez Gutiérrez Cuevas
    Ixchel Cuevas Lara
    Kin Sac Be Cuevas Lara
    Sergio Diez Gutiérrez (Tatanka)
    Teotli Tutis Miranda
    Kytzia Vasquez M
    Jap Dharam Kaur

    Lyrics / Letras

    somos la luz del bosque
    espíritu de todas las edades
    somos la luz divina
    sabeduria de los mares
    transformamos el dolor
    trayendo todo a luz
    con el espíritu de amor
    todo el día y la noche
    (letra de un canto tradicional de México / words from a traditional song in Mexico)

    we are the light of the forest
    spirit of all ages
    we are the divine light
    the wisdom of the seas
    we transform pain
    bringing all to the light
    with the spirit of love
    all day and night


    Aad guray Nameh
    Jugaad guray Nameh
    Sat guray Nameh
    Siri Guru Devay Nameh

    I bow to the primal wisdom.
    I bow to the wisdom true through the ages.
    I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

    Me inclino ante la sabiduría primordial
    me inclino a la sabiduría a través de los siglos
    me inclino ante la Verdadera Sabiduría
    me inclino ante la grande sabiduría que no se ve


    We’re all trying to find some peace of mind
    in this labyrinth of space and time
    that we find ourselves, can feel like such a bind
    sometimes the illusion and confusion passing by
    just remember it’s a moment, just a blink of an eye
    but that moment lasts forever so we got to treat it fine
    like a diamond in the rough, we’re gonna make it shine
    find the curtains to your windows, open up them blinds
    cause the world outside’s a waiting and it’s full of surprise
    and a brand new wind that will help you realize
    all the beauty and the lovin, that you’ve got inside


    todos estamos buscando
    felicidad y cantando
    podemos re-encontrar y
    amando nuestra naturaleza bailando
    esta canción esta vibrando
    en el corazón despertando
    la fuente de amor desbordando
    pura vida brillando

    we are all looking for happiness
    singing we can rediscover
    and loving our nature we dance
    this song is vibrating
    in the heart, awakening
    the fountain of love, overflowing
    pure life shining Show less
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