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  • silent night

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    A re-write of the lyrics of the xmas song that is in public domain. The arrangement is unique: cello, guitar and human voice. Thanks to Ken Schoon for the cello and for being part of this project.

    silent night
    new lyrics by Tommi Avicolli Mecca
    c 2010

    Silent night, holy night
    all is calm, all is bright
    round young homeless mother and child
    hungry infant so tender and mild
    sleep on America’s streets
    sleep on America’s streets

    Silent night, holy night
    cops drag poor out of sight
    fine them for asking for change on the street
    just a few pennies for something to eat
    jails are our homes for the poor
    jails are our homes for the poor

    Silent night, holy night
    compassion reigns what is this light
    people are there to give food to the poor
    opening hearts to the ones who need more
    all for one night of the year
    only one night of the year

    Silent night, holy night
    one one stirs, ground is white
    snow is falling on the city so mean
    on the mother and child who are ever so lean
    dead on America’s streets
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