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    In a house in suburban Florida, lived a girl who was sheltered from the World outside
    Her parents were the overprotective type

    Her mom and dad made her play the keys
    she never thought that those lessons would forever change her life
    quitting was an option but something felt right

    Cause everyday in choir, she’d play her favorite songs, so all of her friends could all sing along
    she tried for every solo,
    got second in her talent show

    It started with a fever
    rising till it got out of control
    melodies filed her
    takes her where she never thought she’d go

    One day everything changed she moved away
    to a brand new school in 8th grade
    She thought her biggest problem was fitting in Wisconsin

    Music was the only thing that stayed the same
    it helped her through the loneliness and through the pain
    She joined her schools debate team and slowly but surely

    she started writing songs and she found her way
    posting videos, her channel grew each day
    through Grammy camp in LA
    She saw that she could some day…

    Become who she desired
    Be less afraid of having bigger goals
    and though she was inspired
    All her dream schools told her no!

    So here’s the deal I am happy where I am
    I just know deep down, I have to take things into my own hands

    Every week I”ll post a video
    a cover and an original
    all the while I’m making an EP

    I’ll spend the year in good company
    making it the best that it could be
    all I ask is for you to come with me

    come with me

    We can start a fire
    let the flames light up our souls
    We can go higher
    Let me show you how far we can go Show less
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    • 2015 in 64 seconds - Duration: 65 seconds.

      • 6 months ago

      There are so many memories I wish I could've captured in this little video. But I guess I'll make do with what I could find :)

      I got the idea of this kind of vlog from saraclos...
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    Songs I hear in dramas, that I like, but am unfortunately unable to sing in the original language ;)
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