As One Melbourne Gathering
December 1st, 11am
As One Melbourne Gathering
December 1st, 11am
Federation Square

This is the place where you can leave comments to let people know you're coming to the gathering in Melbourne and/or leave suggestions about what we can do on the day.

Want more information? Contact AngryAussie via YouTube - 
via email - 
by phone - 
0403 069 148 within Australia
61403 069 148 outside Australia

This is the venue for partying and drinking (OVER 18s ONLY - SORRY)

How to get yourself on the big screen:

Here's one site to which you can upload videos for which to submit to us to express your desire to have them shown on the big screen on the big day.
Email the link to: ambient_cacophony@yahoo.com

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  There will be no gathering in Sydney - the only gathering for the moment is in Melbourne on December 1st.
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