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    'Angels tending' by Asher Quinn (Asha), from his album "A Concert of Angels". Track download and CD available here ~

    "A Concert of Angels" is still my most successful album to date, an instrumental album of intuitive, improvised pieces made in 1993 that took only three days to complete from start to finish, and cost only £300 to make, ironically. The easiest became the best, as it were! Somehow the music, the content, the title and the artwork all came together to make a coherent whole that seems to many to be more than the sum of the parts.

    And the track 'Angels tending' has a particular magical history all of its own. I played/composed a spontaneous piano piece that I later called 'Lionel's song', named after my Godfather who had recently died, and then lightly orchestrated it in another studio the next day. By chance, and by 'mistake', we then heard the whole piece back in the studio, but with the piano inadvertently muted. And this is what we heard... a sublime piece; a heavenly mantel... 'Angels tending'!

    It was like the piano was the physical body, and the orchestration was the subtle body... the angel body. Without the physical body, you just saw and heard the angel!

    Both pieces then made it onto the album.

    I've waited many, many years to film for it... never quite knowing where, when or how to depict it in film. Until I went to Assisi. There it found a home with St. Francis; Clare of Assisi; Mary of the Swords; the ecstatic Christ on the cross; the wild cats of the town; the wild boar in the forest outside, and the tender presence of other higher guardian beings, Sophia and the Archangel Michael.

    I went there with Gloria who is my filming companion, and two friends, Dagmar from Germany and Olga from Holland, and we four inhaled the pure devotional pilgrim spirit in the high and holy places for three days, and also witnessed the ghosts of suffering souls in the shadows and the old stones. It is an amazingly high octane place... the spiritual energy there is off the scale.

    Outside one church that brought me to tears, because of an art installation inside by Guido Dettoni della Grazia depicting 33 graceful Mary's in wood, arraigned in a circlular vortex of grace that you could stand within, I sat down on a step and wept... and a black cat ran over to me for a love fest! Being Assisi, where all the animals are spiritual cousins of San Francisco, I felt instantly healed and uplifted.

    Later we took some air in the forest, and came across a family of wild boar, with their shy, sweet smiles.

    All of this is in the film that we finally put together, lovingly and gracefully edited by Maggie. The music itself organically goes from inner to outer, and I scripted it thusly, too... after the intensity of the inner Mary of the Swords, I came out into daylight and the loving administrations of the healing Francisco cat, upon the steps.

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    These are currently the most popular videos I've uploaded to tracks of mine on this channel. They reflect my entire career to date as firstly a new-age artist with New World Music, where I was originally known as Denis Quinn and then simply as 'Asha', and latterly as an independent spiritual singer-songwriter with my own label, Singing Stone Music. My songs and pieces are invariably devotional in nature.
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    "Knights & Angels" is a new album of spiritually-themed love ballads currently in production at Origo Studios, Budapest.
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    Calvary Hill (Kálvária-hegy) lay opposite my bedroom window where I lived in Hungary, in 2016. It's up in the Buda hills just going out of beautiful Budapest, and it's a 25-minute climb, off the little road and then up through the forest. At the top are three giant crosses and a panoramic view. It's an extraordinarily powerful place, both geographically and spiritually. It's where the mysterious east meets the mechanised west, and where the vertical meets the horizontal. I feel a great loving power in the earth and the sky there, and the presence of angels, guardian spirits, Mary, Jesus and the Archangel Michael. I am called to that mountain, and much soul healing, spiritual clarity and many new songs have been given to me up there. Hungary is a country immersed in the Christ even in its pagan roots, long before the first King, Istvan, gave the nation to the Virgin Mary. There is a kind of ancient spiritual purity in this land, which guards the Holy Grail, much like Arthurian Britain. The folk music and mythologies of the Hungarians and Celts is strikingly similiar.
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    Thunderheart is a vocal album of spiritually-themed love songs, both personal and universal, inspired by a growing sense of the coming of the Cosmic Christ into the emotional heart.
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    This album contains thirteen original spiritually-themed songs, and is available here (samples, downloads & CD) ~
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    Heart and Soul Rhapsodies (Szív és Lélek Rapszódiák) is a collection of improvised piano pieces chiefly inspired by my Hungarian muse and by the magnificent city of Budapest, released on my independent Singing Stone Music label. Samples, downloads & the CD are available here ~
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    Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon is an album of cover versions of some of my favourite songs I loved, mostly growing up... plus a couple of more recent ones. Effectively it is a third volume in my Songs of Love and Chains series, but more fully orchestrated. You'll find here songs made famous by Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Elvis, Donovan, Simon & Garfunkel, Georges Moustaki, Percy Sledge, The Common Linnets and many others. It's on my independent Singing Stone Music label. Samples, downloads & the CD are available here ~
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    Heal Your Heart is a collection of original higher love ballads already to be found earlier on other albums of mine; songs that I've entirely re-interpreted. It's the second such volume I've released, the other being called High Planes Music... so Heal Your Heart is effectively High Planes Music volume two. This collection, however, is much more fully orchestrated than High Planes Music, which was intentionally pared back to be more acoustic. There are also four traditional songs that I include in Heal Your Heart... 'Amazing grace'; 'The river is flowing'; 'Sometimes I feel like a motherless child' & 'I heard the voice of Jesus say'. Heal Your Heart takes songs from my career as an independent artist with my own label, Singing Stone Music, which began in about 2005. Prior to that I had been signed to New World Music and was known more as a new-age artist, originally called Denis Quinn, and then simply 'Asha'. High Planes Music took songs I composed from that New World Music era, and Heal Your Heart takes songs from my independent era up to the time of its release (2014). Samples, downloads and the CD available here ~
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    State of Grace is an album of spiritually-themed original higher love ballads on my Singing Stone Music label, that also includes three collaborations with Myristica... 'Thank you'; 'Stella Maris' & 'Inspirit'. With these, Myristica composed and played the music, and I wrote and sang the words. Samples, downloads and the CD are available here ~
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