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    Asha Elijah (aka Asha & Asher Quinn) sings 'Stay close' from his album "Knights & Angels." CD/download available here ~ http://www.ashaquinn.com/kn......

    I recorded this love song and made this film with talented friends here in Budapest. The dancer is Brigitta Balatoni, and the accompanying folk guitarist who's hands appear briefly in the film, is Géza Kremnitzky. The female vocalist you hear is Yloush (Székely Ilus).

    I met Brigitta at a body-healing kind of 5-rhythms class (www.facebook.com/Body-Healing), and I saw someone who was part mountain lion and part Tantric High Priestess! I invited her to dance in the film, explaining the song, and she gave it some thought and then agreed. She plays the role of the love interest.

    Yloush, now a close friend and neighbour, sings on every song on this album, and is part angel and part column of fire! She also created the female vocal arrangements (www.facebook.com/ilonakornelia.szekely).

    Géza is one half of the enchanting folk duo Hungarikum Együttes (www.hungarikumzene.hu), and is part Grail Knight and part Flamenco maestro!

    The dance studio where I filmed BB is the Életfa Spirituális Közösség (Tree of Life Spiritual Community) in Budapest, run by Edina Papp.

    What kick-started my inspiration for this song was hearing Asaf Avidal sing his bitter-sweet ballad 'My old pain.'

    This is a love song about trying to take the end of a relationship to a higher place. You can't unlove someone if they gave you the keys to their heart. But if you also can't be together, well that's a different thing.

    Writing this song, for one thing, helps me to try and deal with this. Somehow it becomes a witness to the depth of feeling involved, a chapel where I can go to meditate on the meaning of our connection.

    I started out by wanting to find a way to stay close to her; to what we had. But I ended up invoking spirit to stay close to us.

    Stay close

    Go your way
    I bless the day
    That I met you again
    In this life

    Honey, I’ll stay close
    I hear your voice
    In the church of my heart
    I’ll stay close

    I get the train back home
    I couldn’t be damned by anyone sweeter
    The moon hangs low upon the hill
    Where you live
    Across the river

    Honey, I’ll stay close
    And face that old ghost
    I’ll shine a light on my past
    And I’ll hold fast

    You play your role to perfection
    It was what we agreed in heaven
    Love, leave, kill
    It opens me up to God’s will

    My street never sleeps
    And the Holy Mother weeps
    A vision in blue, like you
    What wouldst thou have me do?

    I’ll stay close
    To what I know
    I won’t let go
    I’ll stay close

    The silence was deafening
    Until I heard the sound of your old pain
    Then I knew that you had found a way
    Of staying close

    So honey, you stay close
    To your truth
    In God we trust
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    "Sirius" is a collection of spiritually-themed songs, composed and recorded in Hungary, as were my last two albums, "Calvary Hill" and "Knights & Angels". I am now mostly living and working in Hungary (an Englishman in Budapest!) for spiritual and creative reasons. In short, I am following my heart and inner guidance to go deeper and deeper into the mysteries.

    Sirius is the name of a star, and there is a body of belief that suggests that the Christ ray of being emanated from Sirius, and came to earth under the governance of the Archangel Michael.

    From the 'language' of Sirius the mysterious Hungarian tongue is felt to have evolved, in certain esoteric circles. The language itself conveys sound, shape and tone transmissions of the essence of the Divine... that is, love. These songs (in English) reveal my intuitive sympathy with these ideas; that a ray came forth from Sirius, and that this ray is the Christ, and that there is a type of human being in a soul group which is carried by this ray to earth, to bring the message and experience of higher love to the planet. I feel a great kindredness with this theme.
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    Grail Songs is a new volume of spiritual love-songs, composed and recorded in Hungary, my spiritual home!
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    "Knights & Angels" is Asha's 28th album of original songs since his debut album in 1987. This was recorded in Budapest at Origo Studio, with Cserny Kálmán as the sound engineer. During the course of this recording, Asha added a name to be used in conjunction with purely spiritual songs, Asha Elijah.
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    Calvary Hill (Kálvária-hegy) lay opposite my bedroom window where I lived in Hungary, in 2016. It's up in the Buda hills just going out of beautiful Budapest, nestling between the villages of Hidegkút and Solymár, and it's a 25-minute climb, off the little road and then up through the forest. At the top are three giant crosses and a panoramic view. It's a powerful place, both geographically and spiritually. It's where the mysterious east meets the mechanised west, and where the vertical meets the horizontal. Hungary is a country immersed in the Christian mystery even in its pagan roots, long before the first King, István, gave the nation to the Virgin Mary. There is a kind of ancient spiritual purity in this land, which guards the Holy Grail in the ether, much like in Arthurian Britain. The folk music and mythologies of the Hungarians and Celts are strikingly similiar. Calvary Hill ~ http://ashaquinn.com/calvaryhill.htm
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    Thunderheart is a vocal album of spiritually-themed love songs, both intimate and universal, inspired by love, wisdom and also a personal muse figure. Christ is love, and Sophia is wisdom. Thunderheart ~ http://ashaquinn.com/thunderheart.htm
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    This album contains thirteen original spiritually-themed love songs, and is available here (samples, downloads & CD) ~http://ashaquinn.com/blessingandthebliss.htm
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    Heart and Soul Rhapsodies (Szív és Lélek Rapszódiák) is a collection of improvised piano pieces chiefly inspired by my Hungarian muse and by the magnificent city of Budapest, released on my independent Singing Stone Music label. Samples, downloads & the CD are available here ~ http://asherquinn.co.uk/heartandsoulrhapsodies.htm
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    These are currently the most popular videos I've uploaded to tracks of mine on this channel. They reflect my entire career to date as firstly a new-age artist with New World Music, where I was originally known as Denis Quinn and then simply as 'Asha', and latterly as an independent spiritual singer-songwriter with my own label, Singing Stone Music. My songs and pieces are invariably devotional in nature.
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