• Shawn Lovejoy - Community and Confidence - Duration: 2 minutes, 29 seconds.

    • 4 days ago
    We always encourage our planters and partners to never do ministry alone. Shawn Lovejoy prays the same thing for you along your journey - that you would have community and be connected with others....
  • ARC Hangout: Tools to Effectively Develop Your Team

    • Starts: 
    There is no shortage of great assessment tools out there. The question is, how do you identify the ones that work best in your church culture and make the entire experience practical, effective, an...
  • ARC Global Hangout: Co-Pastoring a Growing Church - Duration: 40 minutes.

    • Streamed 1 week ago
    In this ARC Global Hangout, Paul and Marinette Van Coller will share their journey of church planting together. They are a dynamic couple that has made a major impact all over South Africa. Current...
  • Pastor Herbert Cooper - You Have to Change - Duration: 3 minutes, 33 seconds.

    • 2 weeks ago
    Making a commitment to lifelong ministry is not just a one time thing and it's not something that you can start and never adapt in. Pastor Herbert encourages us to remember that in ministry, we hav...
  • ARC Hangout: Unlock Your Dream - Duration: 49 minutes.

    • Streamed 3 weeks ago
    We were all created for a purpose, but sometimes discovering that purpose isn’t always easy or straightforward. Philip Wagner, the senior pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles, CA, wrote about this...
  • ARC Hangout: Creating a Healthy Culture Within Your Volunteers - Duration: 55 minutes.

    • Streamed 1 month ago
    We all know how important culture is for the life of a church, but how far does that culture really extend? In this #ARCHangout, we spoke with Janet Jackson, the Dream Team (Volunteer) Coordinator ...
  • Pastor Benny Perez - Remember the Calling - Duration: 3 minutes, 49 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Church planting isn't always easy, we know that. But in the midst of those difficult seasons, we want you to remember a couple things. First, there are more people praying for you and cheering you ...
  • ARC Hangout: Fasting - Duration: 41 minutes.

    • Streamed 1 month ago
    In this #ARCHangout, we spoke with Pastor Stovall Weems, the lead pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL about fasting. We know that many people, whether with their church or on their own...
  • Pastor Dino Rizzo | Kicking Off 2017 Right - Duration: 3 minutes, 53 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    We all want to start the new year strong. In this video, Pastor Dino encourages us to set a plan and to kick everything off by dedicating the new year to God in prayer.
  • ARC Hangout: The Value of Prayer in the Life of a Pastor - Duration: 46 minutes.

    • Streamed 1 month ago
    As we approach #PrayerDay17 and a season of prayer and fasting, Dan Ohlerking will be talking with Mike Durso, Senior Pastor of Christ Tabernacle in New York City, about the value of prayer in the ...
  • ARC Hangout: A Conversation on Prayer - Duration: 45 minutes.

    • Streamed 2 months ago
    In this #ARCHangout and in light of #PrayerDay17, Dan Ohlerking and Brian Tome will be talking about the importance and effectiveness of prayer. It’s more than just something you do when you need h...
  • Pastor Dino Rizzo - Gaze Upon the Beauty - Duration: 3 minutes, 33 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    As we approach Christmas and 2017, Pastor Dino Rizzo shares a little encouragement to not miss the joy and hope that this season brings. We hope you enjoy this Pep Talk!
  • Pastor Mike Wehde - God Is Doing a Greater Thing in You - Duration: 5 minutes, 29 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    Mike Wehde, Founding Pastor of Lifecoast Church in Palm Coast, Florida, talks about the ups and downs of ministry and encourages you that through it all, God is doing a greater work in you.
  • ARC Hangout | A Conversation on Year-End Giving - Duration: 39 minutes.

    • Streamed 3 months ago
    In this conversation with Pastor Lee Domingue, we will be talking about year-end giving, ways to engage your church and give them the opportunity to be a blessing. Lee is the Legacy Pastor at Churc...
  • ARC Hangout: ARC Global - Duration: 55 minutes.

    • Streamed 3 months ago
    Join us as the President of ARC, Greg Surratt, introduces ARC Global along with Michael Smith & Michael Murphy. We believe that every community around the world deserves a life giving church.
  • Pastor Dave Patterson - The Impact of Prayer and Fasting - Duration: 4 minutes, 53 seconds.

    • 4 months ago
    In this Pick 6 Pep Talk, Pastor Dave Patterson shares the importance of prayer and fasting and how it can change your life.
  • ARC Women Hangout: Being the Planter's Partner - Duration: 58 minutes.

    • Streamed 5 months ago
    Join us for this next ARC Women Hangout with Kim Mauney, Kristen Barber and Amber Canizaro as they talk about being the planter's partner. Church planting isn't just about the lead pastor; it affec...
  • ARC Hangout: The Benefits of Church Metrics - Duration: 49 minutes.

    • Streamed 5 months ago
    In this #ARCHangout , Derek Neece will be talking with a few team members from Church Metrics about why the numbers deserve a seat at the leadership table and the various ways it benefits pastors ...
  • God Will See It Through - Duration: 2 minutes, 20 seconds.

    • 5 months ago
    Elias Recinos, Lead Pastor of Limitless in Santa Clarita, CA encourages us to remember that the dream of planting a church was originally birthed in the heart of God and He will see it through.
  • ARC Hangout: Save the Storks: Addressing the Pro-Life Narrative in the Church - Duration: 34 minutes.

    • Streamed 5 months ago
    In this #ARCHangout , we have the opportunity to connect with Jeff Gilbert who works with Save the Storks to promote and encourage the pro-life movement within the local church. Save the Storks' g...
  • Pastor John Wagler - Engage the Moment on a Daily Basis - Duration: 3 minutes, 33 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    John Wagler, Lead Pastor of Hill City Church in Richmond, VA encourages us to "engage the moment" every day. We can often get distracted by the next thing on the to-do list or our next big project,...
  • ARC Hangout: Church Planting in Smaller Cities and Towns - Duration: 48 minutes.

    • Streamed 6 months ago
    Pastoring churches in small towns can take on a different dynamic than pastoring in the bigger cities and suburban areas throughout America. This is something Ps. Tony Ashmore has learned over the ...
  • Michael Smith - The Lord Is Doing a Great Thing in Your City - Duration: 4 minutes, 13 seconds.

    • 6 months ago
    Michael Smith, Director of International Church Planting at ARC in Birmingham, AL challenges all of us to keep dreaming. Check out this video for a message that will encourage you to keep moving fo...
  • ARC Denver Exchange | Pastor Brady Boyd - Duration: 46 minutes.

    • 6 months ago
    At our recent ARC Denver Exchange, Brady Boyd, Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO, taught on the 10 things he wished someone had told him when he started in ministry 20 years ...
  • Pastor Matt Keller - Being Successful in the Long Game - Duration: 3 minutes, 57 seconds.

    • 7 months ago
    Matt Keller, Lead Pastor of Next Level Church in Fort Meyers, Florida, talks about taking a long range look at the life of your church, versus playing a short range game. Check out these practical...
  • ARC Hangout: Serve Brew with Matthew & Caroline Barnett - Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes.

    • Streamed 7 months ago
    Grab your coffee and pull up a chair for the next "SERVE Brew" featuring special guests Ps. Matthew and Caroline Barnett (founders of the Los Angeles Dream Center and the Dream Center Network). Wit...
  • ARC Hangout: How to Respond to Tragedy - Duration: 33 minutes.

    • Streamed 8 months ago
    In this ARC Hangout, Josh Mauney with Jimn Kyles, the Co-Lead Pastor of The Church in Rosenburg, TX about how to respond to tragedy. Rosenburg, TX is southwest of Houston and has been hit with heav...
  • ARC Women Hangout: Ministry with Family - Duration: 46 minutes.

    • Streamed 8 months ago
    In this ARC Women Hangout, DeLynn Rizzo talks with Dianna Nepstad, Co-Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church in Antioch, CA. Pastor Dianna leads the church along with her husband, Pastor Shaun Nepstad an...
  • ARC Women Hangout: Being Happy with You - Duration: 46 minutes.

    • Streamed 11 months ago
    In this ARC Women Hangout, DeLynn Rizzo will be talking with Tammy Hodges, wife of Pastor Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands, about finding your calling. For many pastor's wives, there are exp...
  • ARC Hangout: 5 Building Blocks of Church Financial Integrity - Duration: 1 hour.

    • Streamed 1 year ago
    Building a church on the foundation of strong financial integrity is essential to the growth and development of a healthy, lasting church.  Its significance can make church finance an intimidating ...
  • ARC Women Hangout: Warrior Chicks - Duration: 48 minutes.

    • Streamed 1 year ago
    In this ARC Hangout, we will be talking with Holly Wagner, co-lead pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles, CA. In her recent book "Warrior Chicks," she talks about the battles that come our way and ...
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