• Shandong mantis series 13 -108 weapon forms quan pu

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    Just completed my Shan dong mantis Series no. 13 - 108 weapon forms quan pu.
    Summary of weapon forms the author learned for his past 50 years:-
    The author started to learn 2 weapon forms of Tai chi since 1965, during late 60s to 80s learned 19 weapon forms from northern/ seven stars mantis and 36 weapon forms from CK Taichi mantis. In the late 80s to 90s learned 36 weapon forms from Fa Gar Mon and 7 forms from Iron Monkey Gate. Also interchanged 18 weapon forms with other kung fu styles that make up to the total of 126 weapon forms. Here the author finalized the movement names of 108 weapon forms out of the 126, partially with movement description and photos or drawing.
    六十年代初首練太極刀劍2套, 續而北/七星螳螂刀、槍、劍、棍、鉤16套及兵器對拆3套共19套, 再而竹溪太極螳螂刀、槍、劍、棍、鉤、匕、枴、扇、杖、傘、斧、鉞、戟、輪、鞭36套及兵器對拆8套共44套。八-九十年代得傳花家門刀、槍、枴、劍、鞭、牌、鐧、錘、鞭、筆、叉、鏟、棒、鈀、鐺、戟、銊31套另兵器對拆5套共36套。鉄猴門傳圈、環、棍、劍鞭、鉄猴爪6套及醉拳1套共7套。其後與同道交流又得武當及各派兵器18套,至今各門十八般及奇門兵器合共126套,在本兵器譜內暫錄[九長]槍、戟、鉞、叉、 钂、棍、槊、鈀、流星、[九短]刀、劍、斧、鈎、鞭、鐧、錘、枴、抓及各式奇門兵器108套。除兵器譜外, 部份加入動作說明及圖片。 Show less
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