• Eden Porter ⋅⌠Native Construct⌡⋅ "Come Hell or High Water" Drum Cover

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    ↓ Read my notes about this cover below! ↓

    ☾ Instagram: @milkhugs ☽
    ☾ I'm a woman. Misgendering comments will be deleted. ☽

    By far the most exerting cover I've done! I have mixed feelings about the album as a whole, but this piece is an exceptional work unto itself. I tried to tone down the album's very, um, "active" programmed drums into a ""real part"" and I think I was successful in that regard, especially in regards to cheating the effect of a blast beat without actually doing one at 300bpm (no exaggeration).

    The audio is from two takes, cut at 2:27, no cross-cutting, no quantization. I only had two devices available so I filmed the video angles afterwards. Luckily, this drum part is very intentional and has little room for improv so I didn't have to stretch to make the video takes match up with the audio takes! Mixed by buddy Preston Charlesworth Rice.

    I'm using the same swapped rack tom setup I used in my "Feedback Loop" cover for the same hybrid Orbin tendencies I described in that video. Additionally, I'm using my new small friend, the 6" Byzance Traditional splash. 🐹 Also additionally, I'm using real-ass marching sticks for the first time on this video at the nudging of my pal J.C. Bryant – I plan to continue using them for my metal performances in the future as they indeed impart a thicker sound from the toms and snare, and I don't find them that tiring to play with.

    0:10– Dynamics are important, kids. So is hi-hat foot technique.
    1:04– Comping the castanet part with the hi-hat foot and the harp part with the ride.
    2:16– This is where transcribing parts and remembering time signatures becomes very important.
    2:32– An instance of the aforementioned 300bpm blast beats. Ha. Haha. Ha. They're both mimiced similarly, this one is simply 5-stroke rolls with 16th note double bass (16th notes at 150bpm, of course).
    2:45– Very quick cymbal choke.
    2:59– More quick cymbal chokes – I choked (lol) on the right-hand one, though.
    3:31– If it weren't for this damn lick this video would be one take. Notice that the toms are comping the guitar bends.
    3:37– This blast cheat didn't come across as well as I had hoped, but it's basically just splitting 32nds between ghost note left-hand diddles and double bass, ending with 4 kicks and the china choke.
    4:44– Whoops, wrong part...

    Gear: 14x6.5" Taye Metalworks Black Nickel over Brass snare with an S-Hoop batter
    DaVille Drumworks stave Purpleheart kit: 12x8", 10x7", and 15x14" toms with S-Hoops, 20x15" kick with 2.25" side hole

    Heads: Evans clear G2s on tom batters, Evans clear G1s on tom resos
    Evans clear EMAD2 on kick batter, no muffle ring, clear G1 on reso, 3" port, with an Evans EQ pad touching both heads
    Evans ST on snare batter with purple window cling gel muffling 😜, Hazy 300 on reso, Puresound Custom Pro 20-strand steel wires

    Meinl Cymbals (L to R): 8" Byzance Traditional splash, 14" Dark Spectrum hats, 6" Traditional splash, 18" Vintage crash, 12" Classics Custom Trash splash on 16" Vintage Trash crash (cracked), 20" Dark Raw Bell ride, 18" Sand Thin crash, 18" Dark china

    Implements: Vic Firth MS2s, Pearl Demon Chain pedal on longboard setting, Low Boy maple beaters

    Mics: Shure SM57 on snare, Audio-Technica M4000 on toms, Gear One MK1000 inside kick, two MXL V63ms overhead

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