• King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) - Fight Scene

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    the final fight scene from King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) a Toho movie. 3rd in the Godzilla franchise

    Fun Facts

    Kong gets stronger from lightning, because he was originally supposed to be a giant monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.

    Willis O'Brian cried out of shame when he saw this movie, he was the man who created the King Kong model in the original 1933 movie.

    English dubbed version of this movie (the one on the official Universal DVD) has new scenes added that drag down the pace of the movie, and a lot of other scenes cut out, for example during the fight scene, Kong kicks a boulder at Godzilla, this was removed because it looked too silly, and the music was changed, the epic battle music was switched to the Creature from the Black Lagoon soundtrack, which is a great soundtrack but didn't fit as much as the original.

    Despite claims, there was never two endings, in both endings Kong swims back to his home island and Godzilla isn't seen again.

    Kong's name was put before Godzilla in the title because he was more known around the world than Godzilla, this has since changed.

    Kong's actor is the same actor who would later play King Ghidorah.

    Falling into the water during a battle is common in crossover movies, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman and later Freddy VS Jason also ended with the two fighters plunging into the water and leaving it up to the viewer to decide who wins, instead of giving a winner and upsetting the fans of the losing character. Kong was seen last seen alive, but Godzilla would return in many films and it's impossible he could have drowned.

    King Kong Escapes was the next Kong movie and Godzilla VS Mothra was the next Godzilla movie, both movies ignore King Kong VS Godzilla's events but at the same time still seem to be be a follow up of it. Show less
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