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    Yoleni's is your guide to a journey full of delicious stories. Explore the Greek Mediterranean food & taste delivered directly from its origin!

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    Yoleni's family mission is to both challenge and satisfy the consumer's dietary choices, by presenting a unique experience via its every form of communication. Respecting the customer is the core of our philosophy. That is why we believe in building a strong client-brand relationship based on trust.

    Yoleni's is not just a provider of Greek products but a unique experience that unfolds via the history of each product's place of origin and the personal story of their producers. At Yoleni's we want the visitors to become adventurers, exploring the recipes/tastes, the dietary values and all the treasures presented by Mediterranean nature.

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  • Macedonian Cuisine Play all

    The Macedonian cuisine reflects the cultural and culinary traditions of Pontian Greeks, Vlachs, Sarakatsani, the people from Asia Minor and locals. Macedonian cuisine is basically the cooking of shepherds, who were obliged to move around frequently depending on the season, in order to find appropriate grazing fields for their herds, more often than not, in the mountains of Northern Greece.
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  • Cretan Cuisine Play all

    Cretan cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, austerity and authenticity. There are no substantial differences in Cretan diet from ancient times until today, since Cretans only added a few ingredients,which were gradually introduced by various conquerors of Crete - Roman, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians and Ottomans - throughout the centuries - each left their mark, thus influencing the local cuisine.
    Even the methods used for preparing the food have remained quite simple: food can be roasted, boiled or stewed in tomato sauce.
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  • Cycladic Cuisine Play all

    The Cycladic cuisine could be described as a very simple one, because these islands are barren, arid and rocky. For this reason, however, it is an inventive and extremely delicious cuisine. Agriculture is not developed on the islands of the Cyclades, because the terrain is mostly mountainous and rocky, making it close to impossible to grow anything at all. In order to create a somewhat cultivable land, residents dig the rocky ground creating the so-called scales (wide step-like areas - wide enough to use as cropland) or "pezoules", or "anavathmides", transforming steep slopes to level ground.
    In this way, the soil is retained and the inner sides of the "scales" are cultivated, mainly with vines and vegetables while they are protected from the strong north wind.
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  • Ionian Islands Play all

    The Ionian islands' cuisine is characterized by the fact that the Eptanisa were in the core of cultural and commercial exchanges throughout history, since they constituted the connecting point of mainland Greece to the rest of Europe. The Venetian occupation also brought about the cosmopolitan influences of the European cuisine to the culinary traditions of its inhabitants.
    The Ionian islands, although mountainous and hilly, are characterized by their rich vegetation and special flora and fauna. All these elements are reflected in the local cuisine.
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  • Modern Greek Cuisine Play all

    Modern Greek Cuisine combines excellent ingredients derived from the Greek soil and traditional Greek recipes using modern cooking techniques such as French cuisine, molecular gastronomy etc. Chefs are mostly inspired by emblematic dishes of traditional Greek cuisine and unique local products creating new culinary suggestions.
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  • Central Greece Cuisine Play all

    Central Greece cuisine is a frugal, simple but full of "wisdom" cuisine, strongly influenced by the shepherds' need to move around- shepherds constituted the main body of the population of Central Greece.
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  • Peloponese Cuisine Play all

    The different geomorphology and microclimate in various regions of the Peloponnese offer a unique diversity to this cuisine. Thus, cooking in mountainous regions is characterized by simple, frugal and pure flavours.
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  • Northen Aegean Cuisine Play all

    The strategic location of the islands of the Northern Aegean - on the sea route of the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and to the coast of Asia Minor- was the cause of development of great commercial activity, but also eventually led to the occupation of the islands by various conquerors. Consequently, the local cuisine had various influences, incorporating them in the peoples' dietary habits.
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