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    Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! by Emezie Okorafor
    Episode 25: “Cinderella and the glass bra”

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    Headmistress Morrigan discovers the holes in the windows that Ayane Shiun (Chubby Mermaid) made in Episode 24. Morrigan surmises that the holes were created by a specific female body part. She also notices that a pink kunai was left at the scene. Instantly reminded of the well endowed female ninja armed with pink kunai from Episode 8, Morrigan figures out that the holes were created by that same well endowed female ninja. An enemy of Morrigan’s clan. This pink kunai ninja girl has somehow infiltrated the school in disguise!

    Morrigan immediately starts to look for people who share the same particular “body type” of the ninja girl (a.k.a. boobs). The girl who fits in the glass holes must be the ninja in disguise, after all…

    Fortunately for Ayane, she discovers that Morrigan is looking for her. She hides the glass breaking assets and disguises herself as a boy named “Shouji Murasaki” (a name inspired by her father’s name “Shouichi Murasaki”).

    Then, while trying to escape Morrigan’s search, Ayane as “Shouji” bumps into a someone that looks just like Bobby. Ayane is ecstatic! That is, until this Bobby-lookalike turns out to not be Bobby at all. In fact, this person is a GIRL, unlike the actual Bobby. And, even if this were the real Bobby, he wouldn’t be able to tell it was Ayane anyways, thanks to Ayane’s “Shouji” disguise…

    A couple of genderbent, anime "nut shots" (err, "taco shots") later, Ayane finds herself writhing in pain wondering who this mysterious, kick-happy red headed girl is. However, as she spaces out in pain induced daze, one of the Faculty Ninjas approaches her. Has Ayane been caught by the enemy???

    And, will the red headed girl ("Bobbi") be the next target of Morrigan and the Faculty Ninjas?

    Then, Mina has finally returned to school to find that her girl gang “The Bangers” has been taken over by a strange looking, red-headed young French woman, Juliet “Goose” Gusman.

    The rules of The Bangers dictate that the leader of the gang is determined by strength. If you beat the current leader, you become the leader. Mina and Goose do battle to determine who will be in charge!

    Goose’s unusual fighting style catches Mina off guard with its focus on Goose’s large, powerful derriere and her metal sheep crook…but Mina’s trademark kicks prove too much for Goose to handle. Even Goose’s signature technique, the Derriere Drop fails to keep Mina subdued for long. Moments before Mina finishes Goose off with a “KISS MY LIPS” kick, a distraction from Mouse gives Goose the upper hand…

    After conquering enemies and forcing them to submit to her, Goose likes to keep her flock of sheep clean shaven…are Mina’s classic pigtails in jeopardy???

    When Mina proves too difficult to defeat with the usual means, Goose has to resort to her final, desperation attack “Guillotine de Brioche”, a submission hold referencing the historical French figure, Marie Antoinette. Inspired by the famous (incorrectly attributed) expression “Let them eat cake”, Goose takes great pride in the fact that she herself has a healthy amount of “cake” to spare. Or rather, “brioche”, as the original French quote states…”Qu'ils mangent de la brioche”…

    Brioche is love! Brioche is strength! Brioche is life!

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