• XxZackAttack27xX 2016 Animation Reel

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    It's been a long year, with a lot of animations. Lets hope this year will go on even stronger! Happy New Year everyone! I appreciate all the love and support you bring me, despite my raunchy attitude and inconsistent upload schedule.

    Oh hey you actually wanted to read the description. Cool, here's a lot of text for you to read!

    Some may be curious as to what I work with. Here's a list of what I use and how I use them.
    Macromedia Flash 8 - For overal animation and sound design.
    Paint.net - For collecting/creating art/sprites resources for my animations.
    Adobe After Effects CS6 - Putting all the peices together, and volume adjusting.
    Audactiy - For editing music/sound effects.

    Others may have questions, so let me try to answer them here and now for ya.
    -"How come I see X here but nowhere else?"
    That is because I either consider them too Work in progress to show(other than for special ocassions as this,) or they are not rightfully mine to upload(One minute melees/HyperGaugeOffice.)

    -"Why show these lame drawn anims they're not even done."
    Because this is a video shows off what I have made throughout the entirety of 2016. Figured id show off my experiments since it shows that i'm attempting to grow as an artist.
    -"why dis suk"
    Because... I made this in 4 hours. It's a tradition of mine to release animation reels on New Years Eve. Rushed a bit, my bad.
    -"Who is that weird freak of nature you animated twice?"
    That is toad. Some silly little cartoon character I made while I was bored in highschool. You can feel free to check out my DA to see more art of him: http://xxzackattack27xx.dev......
    -"Where can i get X's sprites"
    -"What is song???"

    Well, for those that bothered to read, thanks for sticking with me this far. A career as a amateur freelance animator is a weird one, and I appreciate all the support I can get. Thank you, and have a happy holidays.

    Also fuck UltraGauge(Stryx Changed his username to Ultra Gauge so he could run from all the bullshit I throw at him. How convenient he named himself Ultra Gauge when he copies stuff from Hyper Gauge. Hmm.)
    Here's some social media for you social nerds

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Xx......
    Tumblr: http://zackattackdsoodles.t...
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/xZackAt...
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/xxzack... Show less
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    Here in this playlist you will see animations that I have created out of my own free time, and for hire. Those that are not in my playlist are animation I am not proud to showcase.

    Such as:
    DeathBattle - Ragna vs Sol Badguy
    DeathBattle - Hawkeye vs. Greenarrow
    DBX - Chun Li vs. Tifa
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    This playlist is full of content/other videos I'm in. I could be a voice actor, a character cameo, anything.
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