• Witness - Glasses Up

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    Lyrics: J. Parr
    Production: M. Haye, J. Parr
    Mix/Engineering: J. Parr, M. Haye, P. Steele


    Mama was a lioness,
    That’s where you get it from
    Don’t ever forget taking that bus on Hennepin
    Telling yourself that every living legend was a peasant once, man
    Open that mouth and let it run
    Waiting on greatness guarantees that it never come
    They could probably spend a lifetime practicing
    And never be as lit as your ass is in the present month
    And all them people sleepin on you, cause they can't dream
    Interference with focusing on the grand scheme
    And fuck anyone saying we'll never make it,
    When most of em just complacent and never work for a damn thing.
    High time that we start something
    Get them homies out the street like theres a car coming
    Confidence is having seven billion people on a planet
    And believing that something set you apart you from em
    Man, guilty as charged
    Dealing the cards
    To all of yall who never thought we'd kill it this hard
    Here's to waking up to women with names that we don't remember
    And the haters wishin they were half as real as we are
    Here's to never breaking bread with the snakes and the rats
    Here's to time that we lost, no taking it back
    And homie here's another bottle for even better tomorrows
    Here's to chandeliers and champagne paid for with cash
    Cause someday, man

    We’ll put them glasses up
    Someday we’ll put them glasses up
    (They keep telling me, telling me)
    Someday we’ll put them glasses up
    (I keep telling myself)

    06, I’m in a hospital with my family
    My mama’s hand in my hand and i promised her a Grammy
    The cancer took her body
    And my father took to brandy
    And i swore I’d never let them people tell me who I can’t be
    Long way to go
    Gone make it tho
    When they were taking them girls home I was taking notes
    Then I was taking girls home too
    Thinking they’ll never really love you
    When they never knew the old you
    Never forget that haters hate it when they can see
    You undebatably underrated when they be make believe
    So afraid that the day that I’m getting paid’ll be
    The day those that made me won’t be able to relate to me
    And if the hunger doesn’t get us there than something will
    A hundred million couldn’t change you, if you someone real
    Champagne in a room full of strange
    Still a kid from Illadephia wishing he had an Uncle Phil
    So here’s to praying we keep painting this Sistine
    Calls from family we never take and just let ring
    Here’s to hoping we always keep it one hundred
    That we drinking like we twenty one
    And loving like we sixteen
    To Rick and Nico who gave a roof when I lacked one
    Swear to god imma pay you back when we famous
    And here’s to wind, when we ain’t got sales
    Livin life so well that death will tremble to take us Show less
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