• Voltron - 30th Anniversary Celebration Video!

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    We're celebrating the 30-year history of Voltron! 1984-2014! This tribute trailer to Voltron's history was made by our friends at http://www.youtube.com/retr... ! Show less
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  • Voltron: The Videogame for your XBLA and PSN! Play

    Voltron is back! Live out your childhood fantasies by playing as the Space Explorers, Lions, and as Voltron! Voltron: Defender of the Universe game is a re-mastered Voltron experience with high definition graphics and audio that will deliver high impact, real-time single and multi-player game play experience with up to five players. Re-live the most defining moments from the classic 80's series, including the discovery of the Lions and the very first time the Space Explorers form Voltron. Battle the evil forces of King Zarkon in a quest for justice and galactic peace. Journey across the varied environments on and around planet Arus. Get ready to Activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go! LET'S GO VOLTRON FORCE!
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  • Voltron Force Play

    Voltron is back with an all new animated series Voltron Force on Nicktoons! The original Force is joined by three new cadets, Daniel, Vince and Larmina who get their once in a lifetime chance to join the elite Lion pilots. But a familiar evil has also returned as Lotor is back with a chaotic new element that threatens to rip the universe apart! But the new cadets have helped unlock incredible new powers when the Lions combine to form the mighty robot Voltron! Watch Voltron Force on Nicktoons and Nicktoons.com or download episodes in HD on ITunes!
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  • Classic Voltron: Defender of the Universe Play

    The original 1984 Voltron animated series which defined a generation is now available on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and more! Relive your childhood as 5 brave Space Explorers. Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Sven crash land on the mysterious Planet Arus and uncover the secret of 5 incredible robot Lions to defend the universe against King Zarkon and his evil armada. When the evil Witch Haggar creates monsterous Robeasts it's up to the Voltron Force to combine to form the invincible warrior known as Voltron! Activate interlocks, Dynatherms connected, Infracells up, Mega-Thrusters are go! Let's Go Voltron Force!
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  • Golion Play

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  • Uploads Play

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