• CoD4/CS:S | CRANK3 [Frag Movie]

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    Crank has been around since the beginning and always delivers with his movies. Enjoy this blockbuster!

    Crank | https://www.youtube.com/cra...

    Producer Notes
    Length: 10 minutes
    Filesize: 1GB
    Featuring: crank
    Codec: WMV
    Resolution: 1280x720
    Framerate: 30
    Sound: 320kbps

    Programs used:
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Counter-Strike: Source
    Sony Vegas Pro 12
    Virtual DJ

    Songs used:
    The Radio Dept. - It's Personal
    Uppermost - Different
    Mutt feat. Kevin King - Conversations
    Sean Tyas - Banshee
    Go Freek - We Can Ride (Dom Dolla Remix)
    TCTS feat. Holly Partridge - Over
    Paradis - Garde Le Pour Toi

    Special thanks:
    To the people who directly helped with making this fragmovie,

    OG Loc

    And to all the other people who have helped me with editing over the years.

    I've been showing off my mediocre frags for a very long time, I started playing CoD4 pub on day 1, November 7 2007. Here's my first video, which will quite ironically probably end up having more views then CRANK3, check out my channel for my other videos: www.youtube.com/crankCINEMA

    Since then I made a few slightly better movies 'Crank the Minimovie' and 'CRANK2' but both overall still pretty poor, however I was learning how to edit and I enjoyed it. After that I decided to make videos for other single players, as my good friends hektik and matt had the community movies covered. I chose players based off how organised they were at providing me demos and actors for the cinematic cameras so I made 'Outphazed' (phaze) and 'Fragmentize' (bradalz). I stopped playing properly in 2011 as I was going to university, but I saved all my demos. I even made an xbox video 'Destined' just to see how it would go and actually it's my most viewed video to date. A few months ago I finally finished my degree and had a few months free before moving on with my life again, I decided I had to complete the trilogy (which no one cares about, I know) as it was a running joke with my old team mates (datz boxs3t).

    So after 2 months of working on it on and off and going through the painful process of watching over 1500 demos to make the movie (organise your demos as you accumulate them... lesson learned now). In fact one of the reasons I didn't make the movie was because of that and also it wasn't until after I lost interest in CoD4 that I got a new computer, as my old one struggled to make quality videos.

    I decided to keep the movie rather simple and clean, so it is timeless and in the fashion of my all time favourite movies like 'D1abolical 2' and 'Lucker: Too Lucky'. Although it continues on the trend of the first two crank movies, being very long and including a lot of frags. To make it less boring then last time I made sure the movie was no longer than 10 minutes and had lots of different songs. Not having any real effects but just lots of syncing meant the songs were critical, here are the choices and rationale:

    The Radio Dept. - It's Personal
    Epic song for the intro which ended up flowing into the first section.

    Uppermost - Different
    Uppermost I think has always made great music for editing to, I had to use it again.

    Mutt feat. Kevin King - Conversations
    This is a proper tribute to old CS:S movies (the letterbox cinematics), I just had to use DNB.

    Sean Tyas - Banshee
    A proper tribute to old CoD4 fragmovies, some real trance (that is slightly lower BPM then the original mix).

    Go Freek - We Can Ride (Dom Dolla Remix)
    Something different to keep the movie interesting, turns out this up and coming producer went to my high school.

    TCTS feat. Holly Partridge - Over
    One of my favourite songs at the moment and rather fitting given the name.

    Paradis - Garde Le Pour Toi
    Just a cool song for the outro, again like the old school fragmovies had, the french vocals are cut out.

    I understand some may criticise the movie for its frags, unfortunately a fragmovie of myself can only have my own frags and this is what I have since I made CRANK2, mostly from 2009, 2010 and 2011 but a couple from late 2013. I tried to make sure there was a variety, from high skilled frags to random luck shots, typical scope 3 downs to SMG rushes, frags from LANs, CG matches and slut scrims.

    I won't ever make a full CoD4 fragmovie again, however after my travels I may make a few clips or movies for other games.

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