• The Stilwell Brain S3 (Ep 3)

    There are 100 billion individual neurons in the human brain. Working together, they allow us to make sense of, and move through, the world around us. Scientists have built replicas of the human brain with computers, but no one has ever successfully made a brain out of humans. On this episode, I’ll travel back to my hometown of Stilwell, Kansas, and turn it into a working brain!

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  • Mind Field : Season 3 Play all

    Creator/host Michael Stevens takes us on an even deeper dive into the mysterious depths of the human psyche. Working with top Universities and cutting-edge Research Labs, Michael travels the world to explore the latest frontiers in psychology and neuroscience through groundbreaking demonstrations that test the powers and limits of the human mind. From testing psychedelic drugs in the Amazon jungle to investigating how unsuspecting test subjects handle terrifying life-or-death decisions, each episode offers an unprecedented journey into the ever-shifting boundaries of the Mind Field.
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  • Mind Field : Season 1 Play all

    In Mind Field, host Michael Stevens brings his passion for science to his most ambitious subject yet: something we still know very little about, human behavior.

    Using real subjects (including guest stars and Michael himself) Mind Field reveals some of the most mind-blowing, significant, and least-understood aspects of the human psyche.

    Through expert interviews, rare footage from historical experiments, and brand-new, ground-breaking demonstrations of human nature at work, Mind Field explores the surprising things we know (and don’t know) about why people are the way they are.
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  • Mind Field : Season 2 Play all

    In the third season of Mind Field, creator/host Michael Stevens continues his never-ending quest to uncover the inner workings of the human mind. With unprecedented access to leading universities and researchers who are turning science fiction into science fact, Michael travels farther than he ever has before, designing demonstrations which put theories to the test in the real world.
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