• The Gorgon Chronicles - Episode 2- The Uniform Field Theory

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    The following production contains some mature (and some really immature) humor. A lot of it would not be considered politically correct either. If you want a list of trigger words, check a dictionary. If you continue, prepare yourself for a very different sense of humor. While there are no swear words, aside from fictional ones, we sincerely hope 'grot' becomes popular enough to get in the urban dictionary and soon will be seen spewing forth from the mouths of children, school teachers, soccer moms, and politicians. Wait.. that last one is probably already true!

    The Gorgon Chronicles was my childhood playground, originally produced on Super 8mm with my friends from school and whatever kids form the neighborhood I could talk into being in it. The Valarians were our villains, all the way back to the 1970's. I have been stuck with these characters inside my head since I was in fifth grade. I think they went a bit funny trapped in there for so many years. It is nice to see them back on the screen with much more realistic sets than stapling some cloth to a wall and wrapping foil around household items. The characters changed a little bit for this adaptation shot in www.there.com, as I could not pull off all the things I wanted to do in terms of creature costuming. Five years in the making, and five minutes in, you will probably be watching some of other video of some Thereian yelling obscenities on someone else's YouTube channel. Still here is the premier episode of The Gorgon Chronicles, Miracle Pictures biggest and most expensive production ever!

    Even though this is episode 2, there is no episode 1. We went directly to series, and the director thought the network wanted us to skip the pilot. Go figure... The series originally planned to be eight episodes long, but was reduced to four and then later to three. Even with only three it took several months to film all of this, and even longer to edit it together.

    The music (credited at the end of the video) is:
    Split In Synapse , Failing Defense, Jaunty Gumption by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    and Floppy Music - Ievan Polkka courtesy of Gigawipf and used with permission www.youtube.com/c/gigawipf

    Special thanks to Ephraim Carreon and E Works Studios for designing our space wardrobe.

    This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bhrocky, a rather fiery Thereian, who played the movie star and a Valarian in this episode. You can also spot him in episode 4 as one of the recruits and a patron at the canteen. We are missing you Bhrocky! Show less
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    This playlist features the episodes, then the making of / bloopers, then the production diary videos going back to 2012 or so, though I think some are from late 2011 when There opened back up.

    Preproduction started right about the time it was announced that There was coming back, and it took 5 years of on again off again work to bring these episodes to the small YouTube screen. This was the biggest production I ever took on. Making movies in there have gone form a - Oh lets' do this this weekend, to now where it takes a ton of work just to shoot anything, but the end result was rather amazing and well worth it. Creating an entire universe for the characters to live in was quite a challenge too. Designing and building all the sets, and props was quite an investment in time. In the end I did end up using a few items made by other designers including some of Sojka's wonderful group seating. Even a huge new sound-stage had to be special constructed to house the corridors and various sets of the Clarksville. Even with that the sets spilled into two other sound-stages and the landing bay set is still hovering over the studio. Special thanks to Ephraim Carreon and E Works Studios for designing our space wardrobe!

    It was a sad time as both Disky (originally slated to play the robot PI2) and Jayess (who was going to play the engineer Smitty) died before production started. Later Bhrocky (who played the movie star and a Valarian in episode 2 and a recruit in episode 4) passed away as well once filming was complete.
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