• FiJaPAW Musical Connections: Bohm Piano Trio, No. 4 (Flagstaff, AZ Chapter)

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    Besides trying to improve and master violin while on the road, I am also self-producing videos on the side, pulling off into forests to film and edit little bits here and there! LOL This "Road School of Music" is really taking many forms!!

    I don't think I am the only cyclist who does this. There are some amazing vlogs from touring cyclists out there, and I can only imagine, they have funny stories of editing and writing wherever and whenever it will allow. Add a dog and trike to the mix, and you're really in for some hilarious moments.

    In this video, I wanted to capture just how important and amazing meeting strangers and communicating through music is for everyone involved. We have such a fear of engaging with strangers. While, of course, it's important to be vigilant, cautious, and listen to gut instinct, it's also vital to embrace and cultivate new relationships with people outside of our limited circles. I think our fear of people based on both superficial and more deep-rooted reasons is the cause of so many problems in the world.

    That aside, I want to give a special thanks to Kathy and Gar for being so patient. I rode my ICE Adventure HD recumbent trike to the church, and because I didn't have locks, we juggled with getting it into the narrow doorway. On top of that, I had to keep an eye on Fiji, and at one point, the flagpole with Fiji's face on it caught on the doorknob as we brought it in and snapped in half! Kathy and Gar sat through my constant "let's repeat this part" and "can you play this again" as I moved my camera in different angles, trying to capture enough footage for my one-woman camera crew and directed music video!

    In addition, I have to give an extra treat and thanks to Ms. Fiji who managed to bark only when we weren't recording, and patiently sat under Kathy's piano bench for most of our rehearsal! I am so proud of my little girl. Such an excellent travel companion who makes my dreams a lot easier to accomplish due to her good disposition and behavior.

    I hope I can make more videos like these, but it's no easy task. I am self-teaching on editing, and it takes time! My goal is to promote music-making and provide musical instruments to people (all ages, all skill levels). I really want to inspire people to come together in this way. If you're interested in helping me make these goals realities, you can contribute on my website @ FiJaPAW.com. As I was walking out of our last rehearsal, Kathy and Gar were discussing next rehearsals and finding a violinist to replace me. I guess I inspired a new group in the Flagstaff area! Save a spot for me, guys! I am sure I'll visit again some day!

    Oh, one last thank you! #ACMP - Amateur Chamber Music Players - is a directory website which makes it possible to find musicians to play chamber music. They need new members to fill in the gaps all around the world. If you're music student, amateur, or professional, consider a membership to bring informal chamber music get-togethers to your area!

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