• 2012 One Man One Vote

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    Music and Lyrics by Viktor Persson



    One Man One Vote By Democratic means
    That's how we change yeah (x4)

    Verse 1:

    Well is there a solution
    For mankind and it's devolution?
    I've seen so many things that say it isn't so
    Though have I ever tried, I think not so
    What is required of me?
    Do I already know what I have to be?
    Few have have made something new
    Few have ever gotten through
    Still I will move on
    And do what I do

    Verse 2:

    Well, even if I have to walk for days and nights
    I will still not lay down and suspend my rights
    And even if I am one and the tide is the rest
    I know that I must live to remove this pest
    Life has become a commodity for sale
    I won't stand such abuse hiding in under a veil
    The message coming through is strong and clear
    Equality for all, a life with no more fear
    Where money is given to those that need
    All on the same page where no one take the lead
    Half of the world lives in starvation
    I am calling out to all to end this degredation
    Humans are not born to suffer in lack of care
    We're born to live, born to be treated fair
    Our law is as corrupt as our mind
    While the world burns we search to find
    Something to make ourselves feel okay
    But how would you feel waking up starving today?
    Visit my blogs and take part in my process of self-honesty, gain insight, listen to music, receive common sense about the world and it's conditions -- and have yourself a enjoyable moment.

    Swedish readers: http://www.viktorpersson.eu/
    English readers: http://www.viktorpersson.com/

    Also -- do not forget to check out the Desteni, Desteni I Process, Equal Money, and Eqafe websites -- these are great places to find yourself at as well!

    Desteni: http://www.desteni.org
    Equal Money: http://www.equalmoney.org/
    Eqafe "Self-Perfection Merchandise": http://www.eqafe.com/
    Desteni I Porcess: http://www.desteniiprocess....

    For those interested in writing their demons out -- check out http://www.demonology.co.za/

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