• vxDEDxv - Prisoners (Official Video)

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    Single from This is Straight Edge Vol. 1
    xWolf Bloodx Recordngs

    Written, Produced, and Recorded by vxDEDxv

    The lyrics were compiled in my head along the course of about a month and a half. I have entered them here to the best of my memory:
    I'm back, and it's been a minute since I been spittin, on some hard stuff/
    I'm talkin chips all in, pull your card stuff/
    Young spark plug, I was made to start stuff/
    We roll like Grave Digger, throw dirt and get your car crushed/
    Step your bars up, they aren't tough, I scar shmucks/
    I'm know for roasting em, yeah I char chumps/
    Sharper than razors from Emo kids cuttin arms up/
    I stay waking em up when I'm throwin shots, young Starbucks/
    I mean I'm making em rage when I give em shots, young steroid/
    I mean I'm bustin these clowns' balloons with these shots, life ain't fair boy/
    Oh I'm spazzin, and I ain't even done yet/
    I mean I've barely begun to touch the subject/
    What's next? Well only time will tell/
    I've been called to send this message, but I'm holed inside a cell/
    Some homies tried and failed, guess they don't try their best/
    Now I'm prayin for their hearts, while their hating my success/
    The relationship was bad, now there's hate inside my X/
    but I'm wise to the game, so I take it like a vet/
    They can die from stress, I'll bury it today/
    Let the weight lie on their head, till the area turns gray/
    They say for what I rep, I'll get very little play/
    But I'll still take it to the death and not care about the pay/
    It's still XVX. That'll never change/
    I hurt for every innocent life shackled in a cage/
    They're captured and then tazed, massacred for taste/
    "great cheese comes from happy cows" HAPPY TO BE SLAVES!?/
    C'mon, you expect me to buy that tripe?/
    But the industry feeds you that, and they sleep fine at night/
    I tried that life, and I lived with guilt/
    They make you think it's right to feed your kids this filth/
    Sayin it's the way to gettin big and built/
    but drugs given to their mothers ends up in the milk/
    This is not what you're taught, so ignorance is understandable/
    But please let's draw the line at listening to talking animals/ with human voices
    breeding fear and lies/
    but I bet you'd change your habits if you'd hear their cries/
    I gotta Outcast Agenda, like my homie Jack/
    We live in a cruel world, but I won't let it hold me back/
    Rappers work for monopolies, throwin out phony stacks/
    This is my way to reach the masses, but to most it's only rap/
    The progress of this culture means that honest love has been forsaken/
    and we all die through the process of elimination/
    Feed em what their wanting, you gottem all to live complacent/
    Pumped full of toxins, rotting, living sick and tasteless/
    This is  heinous, and this is what you pay for!?/
    The lesson is, act poorly and you stay poor/
    We've been devalued. Worried about who makes more/
    A game full of players only winning with a fake score/
    There's more to life than money, sports and drinks/
    What a shame when a dummy's forced to think/
    but I'm well equipped for what's in store complete/
    with conviction. Committment, it's Something More Than Ink/ 
    I don't think you understand what you're involved in/
    This melting pot is a cauldron/
    Technology's got us thinking that we're evolving/
    the problem is that our Independence is dissolving/
    You want change, but won't bother to try to/
    and couldn't spot a sham if it was right beside you/
    I'm not expecting for you to live like I do/
    but things ain't what they seem and you should know you're being lied to. 

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