• Tire Inflator - VIAIR 77P Portable Air Compressor

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    The 77P Portable compressor from VIAIR is the perfect tool for inflating compact and mid-size car tires.

    Featuring an 80 PSI Illuminated Pressure Display, LED Work Light, Accessory Power Plug and a Deluxe Carry Bag, this air compressor is capable of inflating up to 225/60 R18 tires or lower.

    Plug the accessory power plug into your vehicle's power outlet and start the engine to provide a charging voltage.

    Remove the valve stem cap, attach the end of the air hose to the tire valve stem and secure it by tightening the twist-on chuck.

    Power on the compressor by pushing the ON switch on the front of the compressor. The tire will now inflate.

    Make sure you don't over-inflate the tire past its recommended pressure, as doing so can damage your tire and may cause serious bodily injury.

    When the pressure gauge indicates the desired pressure, switch the unit OFF and remove the air hose from the tire valve stem.

    Finally, place the cap back on the tire valve stem and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

    VIAIR's 77P Portable compressor makes tire inflation easy and affordable to help ensure your vehicle is in optimal running condition.


    Thanks to SURF CITY GARAGE for letting us shoot in their garage.
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    VIAIR's commitment to quality is directly proportionate to the growth as a company. As we've raised the bar in our manufacturing standards we've seen: an increase in consumer demand, our products being used on more applications, and positive reviews from loyal customers. Follow us as we look inside the businesses of our partners who have helped us grow and become the leading OEM compressor supplier for 12 volt air compressors in Air Suspension, Air Horns and Onboard Air systems.
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    Southern California's car culture is thought to be a byproduct of our sunny weather; making it ideal for cruising down wide streets, past palm trees lined along sandy beaches. However the truth is SoCal's love for automobiles was shaped by the perfect storm from a previous century.

    In the 1903 California was the leading producer of oil in the nation which attracted droves of businessmen and workers seeking employment. Bankrolled by oil money, businessmen were able to rapidly develop new communities with cheap labor, suited for the current mode of transportation - automobiles. By 1908 Ford began mass production of automobiles, which could be purchased by middle class Americans on a six month salary. In 1910 Hollywood was flourishing just in time to capture these automobiles, slapped with a new coat of paint, rolling over freshly paved streets; And would immortalize our passion for automobiles through the lens of a camera.

    A hundred years later, we're still passionate about automobiles of all shapes and sizes. While the fuel source may change, our passion remains the same.
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