• It Takes Guts to be AMAZING - Melee combo video

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    This video placed 7th in the top 10 Melee videos of 2009, Thank you, everyone who watched this video, for sharing this to anyone you may have shared it to. I never expected this to be anything noteworthy. I was shocked and amazed to see the name of my video there. I love you all ♥

    Dear UsurperKingZant,
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    The YouTube Team Wednesday, April 7, 2010 3:46 AM

    Made in two days from clips from some of my favorites. including You Must Recover, IKM (II), and Metagame. Basically, it's a fan-made combo video of players doing gutsy comboes, edgeguards, recoveries, unorthodox comboes, and suicide ko's

    I rushed the ending and wanted to finish it before school. There's also one clip I REALLY wish I deleted (2:22 - 2:26). It would've also removed most of the silence near the end. The ?'s in the credits are supposed to be /

    Music download links:

    Captain Falcon Theme
    Mrs. Arrow Theme
    Infinite Big Blue
    Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Staff Credits

    1st year mark: 25,500+ views, 800+ favorites, 250+ comments. Thanks again, mangz!
    2nd year mark: 47,900+ views, 1, 200+ favorites, 393+ comments
    3rd year mark: 64,581 views, 1,313 favorites, 473 comments
    4th year mark: It doesn't matter counting the love. I love you
    5th year mark: 155,986 views, 1990 favorites, 707 comments

    ♥ everyone ♥

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    Donkey Kong- Stratocaster
    Doc - Stratocaster
    Falco - Stratocaster
    Fox- Stratocaster
    Ganon- Emma Watson's Boyfriend
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