• Skill Not Included 2 - Melee funny moment compilation video

    41,111 views 1 year ago
    (Just for clarity, I'm EPsilon. All but 2 clips were recorded by me. The 2 recorded by DKuo and VideoGameBootCamp feature me in them and they've been reuploaded to my channel as their own moment videos. This video is a montage of all of my funniest moments on my channel) Show less
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  • Melee Character Guides Play

    Good places to start learning Fox, Falco, or Marth. Overswarm made them, not me
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  • Combo Videos Play

    Skilled and unskilled montages / compilation videos
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  • Melee Hitboxes Play

    I take no credit for this beyond compiling everything into video format. Everything was taken from Stratocaster's hitbox project. These are the people who made all the images I used

    Bowser- Stratocaster
    CFalcon- Stratocaster
    Donkey Kong- Stratocaster
    Doc - Stratocaster
    Falco - Stratocaster
    Fox- Stratocaster
    Ganon- Emma Watson's Boyfriend
    IC- Stratocaster
    Jiggs - Massive
    Kirby- Shoopman/Stratocaster
    Link- mastermoo420
    Luigi- mastermoo420
    Mario- Stratocaster
    Marth- Stratocaster
    Mewtwo- Stratocaster
    Mr G&W- Dre the Ace
    Ness- Stratocaster
    Peach- Emma Watson's Boyfriend
    Pichu- Stratocaster
    Pikachu- Stratocaster
    Samus- knihT
    Sheik- Stratocaster
    Yoshi- mastermoo420
    YLink- Stratocaster
    Zelda- mastermoo420

    To see framadata and hitboxes for individual moves
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