• Hawaii Parkour - Drill Series - Burpee pop

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    Almost everyone knows the burpee, almost everyone really dislike the burpee.... well, how about implementing burpee mixed with some of your parkour movement.. Bammm! Introducing to you, the Burpee Pop..

    A very fun drill that will have most of you gasping for air after just a few sets.
    The burpee pop, as shown in the video, consist of the same concept of the burpee adding a waist catch as your jump after the push up, to then pop up the wall for another squat.

    Start from the push up, and use the power of your legs after getting up from the push up to directly jump up onto the wall to catch yourself with your hands.

    You should start by finding a wall which heights allows you to jump onto it catching yourself with your hands as high up as you can without climbing motion, more of a catch rather than a climb. You can increase the difficulty by finding a higher wall in which you catch yourself lower then climb up. Think like a jumping climb up.

    If you dont quiet have the pop down, you can bring one leg at the time, just make sure to do your full squat at the top of the wall. Squat down, dismount lightly to then perform your push up and then jump back up.

    You can try to do anywhere from 50 to however many you want. Break it down in set of 10 reps if needed. Pace yourself and see how many you can do.

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