• Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. XII: Che Pope & Preservation Hall Jazz Band

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    In this Apollo Artist Session, UA challenged Grammy winner Che Pope to record the Preservation Hall Jazz Band using ‘60s style recording techniques and realtime UAD plug-in processing.
    Watch the behind the scenes interview: https://u.audio/2LOHZ4k

    “When I discovered Apollo interfaces, it changed my life.” - Che Pope

    After contributing to the music industry for nearly 25 years and working with artists such as Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, and Aretha Franklin, Che Pope took on a unique challenge: record a killer, '60s style funk/soul track using the real-time processing and authentic analog emulations of the Apollo interface to record the masters of swing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

    The goal of this session was to track “Higher Ground” just as it would have been done in the ‘60s, so the choices Che made were true to the era, style, and recording technology. Che was able to use the natural room sound of the hall and microphone bleed to his advantage, giving the song a unique character that only this space and session could create.

    When processing these tracks, Che Pope kept it simple. Adding ambience would have been unnecessary for obvious reasons, but Che decided to record with a UA 610-B Tube Preamp, Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder, and a Fairchild 660 Limiter on each channel.

    For more details about the session, click here: https://u.audio/2mHSfk4

    Read the interview about Che Pope, his music production history, and this session: https://u.audio/2tTZZ6q

    ♫ Song Info ♫
    “Higher Ground”
    Performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band
    Mixed by Che Pope
    Recorded by Che Pope & Eric Corson
    Mastered by Paul Blakemore

    The Preservation Hall Jazz Band:
    Drums – Walter Harris
    Bass – Ben Jaffe
    Trombone – Ronell Johnson
    Saxophone – Charlie Gabriel
    Trumpet – Branden Lewis
    Saxophone – Clint Maedgen
    Organ – Kyle Roussel
    Learn more about the band: http://www.preservationhall...

    ☞ UA Plug-Ins Used:
    UA 610-B Preamp & EQ
    UA Fairchild 660 Compressor
    Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder
    Ampex ATR 102-Mastering Tape Recorder

    ☞ Microphones Used:
    Coles 4038 - Drums, Brass
    Telefunken U47 - Brass, Vocals, Upright Bass
    Telefunken U48 - B3
    Telefunken U67 - Reeds, Vocals
    RCA 44-BX - Reeds
    AKG C24 - Room Mic

    About the Apollo Artist Sessions:
    Ever wonder how award-winning producers and engineers use Universal Audio gear for multi-Platinum results? Universal Audio’s Apollo Artist Sessions reveal how the pros transform live tracking sessions into fully produced and polished records using UA Apollo Interfaces and UAD plug-ins.

    Watch the entire series of Apollo Artist Sessions and gain valuable production insights, witness exclusive behind the scenes footage, and break the barriers of what you thought was possible with an audio interface.

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