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    Debate on the Canon of Scripture with Mr. William Albrecht (Roman Catholic). This debate is in 11 parts. The issue was whether the Apocrypha (what the Roman Catholics call the Deuterocanonicals) are inspired Scripture. I demonstrated that they could not be, since they make various mistakes, particularly focusing on Baruch and Tobit. Additionally, I pointed out that they were not accepted as inspired Scripture by Jesus, the Apostles or the other Jews of their day. The conclusion is, of course, that although some of the church fathers may have regarded some of them as Scripture (particularly the wisdom literature of Sirach and Wisdom), nevertheless there is not a good reason to accept them as inspired.
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  • Papal Infallibility Debate Play all

    Debate on Papal Infallibility: Was Vatican I Correct Regarding Papal Infallibility? William Albrecht (Roman Catholic) answers in the affirmative, while TurretinFan (Reformed) answers in the negative.

    TurretinFan shows that Scripture does not teach Papal Infallibility, that the Fathers did not believe in Papal Infallibility, and that accordingly by Vatican I's own standard of "unanimous consent of the fathers," Vatican I fails.

    This debate has 12 parts.
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  • Middle Knowledge Play all

    This is a six-part series on Middle Knowledge taken from the Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Francis Turretin.
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