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    MAD COWBOY DISEASE was released as a song in 2005 on a CD titled "Broadsides & Retrospectives", and was re-released in 2011 on "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs". The first video posted for it was by Dean A. Banks in 2005. The second was made by Vic Sadot and was posted on "Vic Sadot" YouTube Channel and later on "Truth Troubadour" Channel. These two videos had a sharp focus on the Bush-Cheney regime.

    Unfortunately, it has become apparent over the years that an update of MAD COWBOY DISEASE with reference to the Obama-Biden regime is painfully more fitting than most people would have thought possible. Instead of restoring Constitutional law, ending illegal US military interventions, investigating crimes of the past, and prosecuting those who have violated the law, the trust, and the well-being of the American people and the world, Obama has proven only to be the greater of two evils in terms of effectiveness in carrying out imperial corporate policies and codifying and extending the abuses of power practiced by the George W. Bush regime. Regime "change" in the United States was a peaceful transition to more, and even worse, of the same policies based on lies and media myths about 9/11. Adding to the usurpation of the people's powers, and their right to know and participate in the decisions of democratic governing, the Obama-Biden regime brought us codified legalization of 4th Amendment violations by authorizing, along with Senator Diane Feinstein secret, warrantless, total information spying; targeted assassination lists and drone bombings in numerous countries with which the US is not at war or threatened by; Obama signed legislation for authority to employ "indefinite detention" imprisonment of American citizens by the US military without due process by passing it in a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA); Obama used weapons of mass destruction on the nation of Libya under guise of "humanitarian bombing" via a UN "no fly zone" mandate; and, in service to "the-powers-that-should-not-be", as commentators like James Corbett and Popeye like to say, Obama has waged a war on whistle-blowers and the press when anyone tries to expose corporate, military, and intelligence agency crimes.

    When the country goes bonkers for war, they always wrap it in the flag and a cowboy image. This song was originally a broadside against the Bush Administration's Neo Con war policies with a humorous rationale for their bellicose behavior. "It must have been the dinner at the Inauguration Ball. There must have been some Mad Cow on the menu after all." Mad Cowboy Disease is a walking cartoon-song influenced by listening to Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and other Broadside Balladeers. Photos from US military prisons at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo in Cuba, as well as anti-war photos, are from War Is a Crime (formerly After Downing Street by David Swanson)

    The new version of MAD COWBOY DISEASE relied heavily on the artistic work of David Dees, who we thank, and who we salute for his courageous and relentless truth seeking and speaking. Please visit his website to see his amazing topical art: http://www.deesillustration...

    The Bush-Cheney administration lied about everything from 9/11 to WMD in Iraq to their White House discussions led by Condoleezza Rice about which torture techniques to use in their so-called "War on Terror". When MAD COWBOY DISEASE was first released, this question was raised to a newly-elected President Obama: "How can we move 'forward' if we can't look at the horrible crimes of the recent past and hold someone accountable? What does that do to respect for the law?" Now in 2013 we waste no time with questions directed to this President. We direct our questions to the citizens of the United States who refuse to surrender their Constitution to the rule of Corporate representation. Let's put an end to evil MAD COWBOY DISEASE!

    Recommended Reading:
    "Another Nineteen - Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects" by Kevin Ryan. About the Author: "Kevin Ryan is the co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies and a whistle-blower from Underwriters Laboratories. He has contributed to many books and scientific articles on the subject of 9/11, and has made presentations around the US and Canada. He has appeared on National Public Radio, Air America Radio, Pacifica Radio, C-SPAN Book TV, and Colorado Public Television."

    Truth Troubadour Blog #36 on 8-29-13: Guns & Butter Radio Show Presents A Series of Kevin Ryan Interviews with Bonnie Faulkner on KPFA Pacifica -- Direct Links! http://truthtroubadour.blog...

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