• 5 WAYS TO GET A BETTER KETTLEBELL SWING | Variations on the Swing

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    5 WAYS TO GET A BETTER KETTLEBELL SWING | Variations on the Swing.

    The Kettlebell swing are a fantastic conditioner

    Swings develop the important posterior chain muscles of the body such as the hamstrings, glutes and back. These muscles are often overlooked with traditional weight training, but they are crucial for numerous sports as these muscles are heavily involved in sprinting, jumping and tackling movements.
    Here is a break down of steps we use to progress to the kettlebell swing with proper technique!

    1. The Hip hinge with PVC pipe:
    Hold the dowel along your back so it touches three points of contact (your head, upper back, and tailbone.) Hinge (not a squat)—Hips back, not down; without losing any of those points of contact.
    Your butt should be above your knees but below your shoulders.

    2. Deadlift:
    After you’ve mastered the hip hinge, started strengthening that pattern with a kettlebell deadlift. But before you start to pick up the Kettlebell just push your hands down your thighs a few times and touch the handle of the bell. From there pick up the kettlebell and start deadlifting Remember to keep that Flat Back - Always..

    3. Hike pass:
    This is important to learn this very first step of the swing because it is what will set you up for the entire set! To perform the hike pass, stand behind the kettlebell, think of a triangle (Kettlebell and your two feet) then hinge your hips with a neutral spine, grip the handle and tilt the bell back toward you. This is your starting position. From there, Engage your lats to hike the bell back between your legs, keeping it up high above your knees, then return it to the start position.
    4. Dead stop swing:
    Now set up for individual reps! The dead stop swing starts just like the hike pass, but instead of returning the bell to the start, you push your feet into the floor, extend your hips, lock out your knees, and allow the bell to float out in front of you. From there, swing the bell back between your legs again, and return to the start position.

    5. Full Swings… From the other 4 steps you should have good technique to perform full sets of swings. Whether it’s 2 hands swings or single or any other variation…

    A few Tips
    1. Most energy of this movement is generated in the hips. Resist the urge to turn this into a shoulder exercise.
    2. When the body is fully extended, the glutes and abdominals should both be engaged. No looseness in the core!
    3. A common error with this exercise is that people think they should be squatting from the waist down. This is not a squat! Make sure that you hinge the hips back, and then thrust them forward.
    4. Keep the head in neutral position relative to the spine.
    5. Coordinate your breathing with the movement.
    6. Whether you are working this exercise for reps or for time, make sure you challenge yourself!

    Here Are some Variations for the Kettlebell swing.

    1. 2 hand swing
    2. Single hand swing
    3. Alternating hand-to-hand swing
    4. 2 kb swing
    5. Step forward and back Swing
    6. Side to side shuffle swing
    7. Jumping jack
    8. Towel swing
    9. Side hammers
    10. Skier swing
    11. Golfers swing
    12.Band on kettlebell swing- speed swings
    13. Band-Resisted Swings - band pulling behind
    14. Lateral Band-Resisted Swings (Hips-Attached)
    15. Mis loaded 2 kb swing

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