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    Produced by Kromozone // Performed by @Hizkit //

    Footage from Trava: Fist Planet

    Lyrics ::

    (Oh, so you wanna be a god?
    Hope you're used to seeing odds,
    Cause we've got a ways to go,
    Through the space and through the snow,
    Oh, so you wanna be a god,
    Hope you're used to seeing odds,)

    Doing recon on Pluto trying to find the source,
    Of these ditsy little signals, minding by my thoughts,
    Although my eyes red and eyelids kinda quartz,
    I'm buckled up for mileage and I'll die by the sword,
    I'll be a scribe for the cause, scratch write grab bull by horns, fuck it - minotaurs,

    Super sonic, the new bubonic plague stewing in an honest state,
    Euphonic, youths on it till the news flocking graves,
    Renewed Sodom estates, polished; staying modest and quaint,
    The blossomed Gotham awaits,
    Passing nods to get a cough at the haze,
    Making up for a loss of some brains,
    You can leave, but we offered to stay,
    Clogging up brains, operate on ya honourable ways,
    Hold ya psalms, and stay so bizarre,
    Flick up and throw socks at smoke alarms,
    If you can twist up with some broken arms,
    Then dip your hiccups, if your fucking code can calm.
    Daylight in my useless geometry,
    New tricks and oddities, like hubris and comedy,
    Configure 'em with tooth picks and adjust to new systems chronically,
    Cause Moose is a prodigy,
    My ethered haemoglobin keeps my peepers glowing,
    Odin keeps the focus, till his croaking people notice he's as regal as a meagre novice,
    We leave, retreat to where to some peace is spoken, cathedrals null and you can see the ocean,
    Just breathe the ghosts in, feel erosion on your feeble soul and,
    Relieve the golem, best place for sword now the sheath is broken,
    Sheepskin with the teeth still showing,
    Motherfucker it's a feast and the beast is hosting,
    How longs it fucking been, and he's still toasting,
    Is this what it means to reprieve the ghosting?
    I've been living in a dream in the ether, floating,
    Limits, weren't my creed tried to breathe in the open.
    Long time no siege,
    Letting autumn prestige in the belly of the beast,
    The hero came through, left the hellions deceased,
    As the sight of the blight and the skeletons decreased,
    Eden keep the elements in sheath,
    Never measured out the days it takes for lamb to be sheep,
    Never personified the ill thoughts that crept in,
    Perspective, is waking up without the bones that you slept in, Show less
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