• The Good Exorcist - NEW TRAILER - Film for Rebel Without A Crew

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    "The Good Exorcist is about an eccentric priest who is tasked with banishing a demonic presence from a family-owned ranch in Texas. In the midst of the strange happenings, which totally includes the priest wrestling a possessed teddy bear (trust us- you will NOT forget it), Father Gil also wrestles with some fairly profound questions about his beliefs." - Cinema Slayers podcast


    The Good Exorcist is a feature shot in 14 days with $7k, the same way Robert Rodriguez made El Mariachi. The film will be premiering at a special event during SXSW Film Festival! If you're in Austin and want to see, follow @joshstifter on twitter or @flushstudios on instagram for a chance to see the movie!

    A Go90 and Rebel Without A Crew Production

    Directed, Edited and Shot by Josh Stifter.

    Written by Daniel Degnan and Josh Stifter

    Starring Daniel Degnan, Brittaney Ortiz, Avery Merrifield, John Baran, and Ali Meier.

    See how it all started and all the mayhem that goes down 3/19 on go90.com


    Follow Josh Stifter & Flush Studios on social media:
    twitter: @joshstifter
    facebook: facebook.com/flushstudios
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