• Fluttershy is Actually a Robot | Enter Ponyville

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    Robot Fluttershy made on commission by extradan:


    Album inspired by Extra Dan's Ask Flutterbot tumblr blog:


    This album has no connection to the General Mumble song "Fluttershy is a Dubstep Robot"


    Album concept:

    In the distant future, Ponyville and much of Equestria lay in ruins as a result of the Celestial sisters bringing the sun closer to the earth as a last ditch effort to quell an epic pony way that had consumed the nation; in the process culling almost the entire world population. Among those lost were the holders of the spirit of the Elements of Harmony: The Ponyville Mane 6.

    In an attempt to restore balance to the badly scarred world, the Celestial Sisters created a secret program of cyborg look-alikes of the Mane 6, hoping the spirits of the elements would recognize them as the originals and be able to be used to again

    When the elements didn't accept the new hosts, the project was shut down and the cyborgs were kept in stasis for many decades while the world around them was consumed by wasteland.

    One day, one of the cyborgs reactivated and she stepped out of her stasis pod and into the Equestrian Wastes. She didn't get far before her her power cells were almost emptied, as being in stasis kept the cyborgs in a low-power state. The cyborg engaged her manifolds and begins to recharge her power-cells with sunlight before a massive dust storm blows overhead, cutting off her sunlight and her only chance to recharge.

    The Cyborg attempted to send out distress signals to alert Celestial personnel that she was entering reserve power mode and needed to quickly be hooked up to a power source; but there were no satellites to receive her signals and no personal to recharge her cells. So the cyborg's shutdown sequence was initiated and she returned to stasis in the middle of the Wastes as the dust storm past by; burying her in dirt and sand.


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