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    Physics-X is a one of a kind course taught at Michigan Technological University, for credit. The course is aimed at upper level undergraduate students in Physics, however the concepts involved in the course are easily accessible to everyone.

    The course deals with some of the most extraordinary concepts in physics, most of which try to provide the Physics background behind some cool phenomena and theories like Time Travel, Special Relativity, Worm Holes and Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Parallel Universes, etc.

    Some of the concepts covered here underlie all of reality, and usually attracts a large number of very intelligent people, most of whom are not Physics majors. The course is taught in a very unique way, so as to use almost absolutely no math.

    The website in the description links to a forum for further discussion of the videos, as recent empirical evidence has proved that Youtube discussions might not be entirely constructive.

    The course is taught by Dr.Nemiroff, who is one of the co-creators of the A.P.O.D (Astronomy Picture of the Day), which happens to be one of the most popular websites on the internet. He has more than 50 peer reviewed publications and more than 1500 references.

    So join him, and play the guessing game and see how many questions you can answer correctly, as Nemiroff tries to bring you up to his own level of "misunderstanding".

    website :- http://tinyl.cc/xlf2k
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    Posted in this playlist are the lectures of a free introductory astronomy course as taught by me, APOD co-editor and university professor Robert Nemiroff, at Michigan Technological University in the fall of 2008. Each lecture of the class is included here, one lecture per video. I was proud that I used no textbook for this class but instead relied on strong Wikipedia articles. This made the class especially Internet friendly and particularly conducive to this type of online forum. Many students saw these exact lectures in Fall 2008, took online quizzes not available here, and received college credit at Michigan Tech.

    General astronomy questions, no matter how basic, can be asked in the greater Asterisk forums. Please do not send email to the address shown in the video. Unfortunately, I expect to move on to other projects and would like this project to run autonomously. I therefore ask that if someone knows the answer to an asked question, please go right ahead and answer that question. Please do not wait for me to answer. On occasion, however, I do peruse The Asterisk's forums.

    Next, I expect that I have made several mistakes. I cannot correct the video, but please do point these out in The Asterisk forums so that future online students get the best information possible.

    website :- http://bb.nightskylive.net/asterisk/viewforum.php?f=24
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