• Holy Hallucinations 39: Homology and Dildos

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    Well, here we are again. Sorry for the delay, but I'm afraid that motivation has been sorely lacking of late though I was finally pushed into pulling my finger out of my arse and finishing this by the majesty of CoolHardLogic's latest offering debunking Geocentrism:

    Part of this ennui has, I think, has been brought about by the stagnation of the subscriber count on this channel. It seems in today's Youtube views are more easily garnered by turning on a webcam on a daily basis and blithely spouting tired old tropes. Since my videos take a considerable amount of effort and a fucking shit-load of time to produce, and high output frequency appears to be crucial to success here, I'm afraid that content like this is becoming, somewhat ironically, a dinosaur. I find this particularly sad because I was lucky enough to catch the end of the "golden age" and garner more than my fair share of subscribers, but now I see dozens of wonderful newer channels floundering with less than 5000 subscribers and no real hope of getting more. All the while the "big fish" posture as "leaders" of this "community" while at the same time doing absolutely fuck all to promote it. Be that as it may, I'd be lying if I said I didn't still enjoy making these, so this probably won't be the last -- I'm just not as driven to make them as frequently. So until next time, I hope you enjoy watching this latest offering of dumbfuck bashing as much as he deserves getting it.

    This is a response to onceforgivennowfree's (Matt's) monument to human stupidity and egocentrism and is dedicated to Drs. Dunning and Kruger. There were many other points I could have brought up here but didn't due to restrictions on my time, not least of which was Twat's... I mean, Matt's... peculiar impression that science is consists of nothing but deductive reasoning as opposed to an amalgam of deducting, inductive and abductive reasoning and a metric fuck-ton of empirical observation and prediction testing. I can see no other reason why else he would think that the outrageous strawman that he presents is an example of circular reasoning -- unless of course he knows very well that real science isn't as woefully simplistic as he portrays and he's just being a deliberate lying little cunt. I'll leave it to you to judge which. The disingenuous little pissant's video can be found here:

    The PHYLIP package can be download for free here:

    An archive of the phylogeny data set used in the analysis and the PHYLIP input and output files can be downloaded here:

    Michael Ruse's article can be found here:

    A PDF of Gavin de Beer's "Homology, An Unsolved Problem" can be downloaded here:

    Scripts to this and all my other videos can be found here:

    Intro by the one-and-only ONESPECIES (check him out too!):

    Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No. 20 in D Major (K 133)

    Archie, J.W, et al. (1989). A randomization test for phylogenetic information in systematic data. Syst. Zool. 38: 239 - 252.
    Klassen, G.J., et al. (1991). Consistency indices and random data. Syst. Zool. 40: 446 - 457.
    Sanger, F. and Coulson, A.R. (1975). A rapid method for determining sequences in DNA by primed synthesis with DNA polymerase. J. Mol. Biol. 94t: 441--448.
    Thwaites, W, et al. (1980). Another favorite creationist argument. Creation/Evolution J. 2: 243-45. Show less
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