• 109 new subscribers in 3 weeks! Thanks everybody, You don't know how much this means to me :)

  • :) 491 subscribers! Can I get to 500 my Christmas?

  • 400 subs! It feels like I hit 300 just yesterday.

  • 30,000 video views!!!! Thanks everybody =)

  • I have a subscriber for each day of the year =)

  • So all week I was telling myself I would make a new video. I recorded on thursday, And now I keep telling myself i'll edit tomorrow...........Am I a procrastinator or what :(

  • I just hit 300 subscribers and wanted to say thank you!!!

    I don't know why 300 subscribers feels like so much more then 299???

    I will have to do something special for this!!

  • New video might be up on monday. Follow me on twitter for more info.


  • Part 2 of my video game magazines should be up later today. Make sure to watch part 1 first!!!

  • A new video is going to be up on monday, So be on the lookout!!!

  • New videos are on there way. Follow me on twitter for more info. http://twitter.com/thekyle0430

  • http://twitter.com/thekyle0430 - Make sure to follow me on twitter for more video information!!!

  • 250 subscribers............thanks everybody.

  • No new vids until July 11th or 12th. Follow me on Twitter for more info. Big thanks to all my new subscribers, and my previous subscribers. Thanks :)

  • make sure to follow me on twitter to get more updates on future vids.

  • what should my next collection video be on?

  • follow me on twitter for more info on my upcoming video!!!

  • the mk midnight release was soo fun. k.e edition is really sweet.

  • i have 1 question for you......................................"whats your favorite scary movie" 2 more hours until the midnight showing of SCREAM :)

  • hey everybody, almost at 200 subs. sorry for the lack of videos, my internet has been down. i will have one up this weekend.TWITTER. remember to follow me on twitter for more updates. i only have 4 followers so i don't tweet much yet but when i get a couple more i will tweet more often. updates, sneak peaks at upcoming videos, opions, answering a few questions,and more. so follow me at twitter.com/thekyle0430. there is a link on my channel as well. Thanks, and if you have any vid requests pm me.

  • wahoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    packers won, thats 50 extra bucks in my pocket.

    tell me, what should i blow 100$ on?

  • so how am i doin at postin a vid or two every week?

  • i may have posted it at 11:45 but hey, its still wed.

  • really sorry about no vids this week. i went away for the weekend.look forward to a new video up by wed. and to make up for last week ill post an extra this weekend.

  • make sure to check out my newest vid. i actually edited this one. and for the first time hd.

  • hey everybody another collectible review. make sure to let me know how they are :)

  • new vid up.pickups a lot of games first one in a month or twwo.

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