• "Day of the Dragon" (8/8/2014) - Yakuza 5 Localization Campaign

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    UPDATE(As of 7/29) : My apologies for not posting this sooner.

    Tojo HQ came through in a pretty big way! His words follow:

    "Guys, I have good news! I managed to get in contact with Hidenori Shoji, sound director of the Yakuza series and a notorious member of the RGGStudios. I've explained him everything about the Day of The Dragon and I showed him the link of the forum thread. He said that he would talk about the campaign with Nagoshi and Yokohama, but that he needed time to translate everything. So, apparently, 龍が如くスタジオ(RGGStudios) will be aware of our efforts."

    This is really good news and makes sending in your letters even more important!

    Thank you to those of you who have taken part so far! If you haven', you still have some time!


    The "Day of the Dragon" Facebook Campaign Page:


    The original thread over at the Sega Forums:


    Segalization's article about this:


    PSNation's article(some good tips for letters in it) :


    Otaku Gamers UK's article:


    If any more websites are willing to help out and post something about this, I'll add links as they become available.

    If you're on Twitter and want to help get this out there, try these

    #Yakuza5 #DayOfTheDragon #BringYakuzaWest

    Song used in this video was "Each of their dreams" by Hyd Lunch, off the Ryu Ga Gotoku soundtrack.

    The main goal is to send letters to Sega of America, but some people are opting to take it one step further and also mail Japan and/or London. Here are all three addresses:


    SEGA of America, Inc.
    350 Rhode Island Street
    Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94103


    SEGA Corporate
    1-2-12 Haneda
    Tokyo 144-8531


    SEGA Europe Ltd.
    27 Great West Road
    TW8 9BW
    United Kingdom


    We're at the tail end of July in 2014, and there are currently no known plans to localize Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 as Yakuza 5 outside of Japan. The latest rumor was that Atlus would be localizing it, but that was many months ago.

    This is a great series that fans no doubt want to see continued. In sort of a last ditch effort to get this game localized, or at LEAST hopefully open a dialogue with SEGA of some sort, myself and various other fans at the official forums have started this letter writing campaign.

    There have been internet petitions in the past and those definitely help, but sending in letters can have more of an impact.

    After Yakuza 3 was released and a sizable chunk of the content was missing, some of us sent in letters complaining (in a civil manner). RubyEclipse, the community manager at Sega of America at that time, said those letters helped convince Sega to bring us a more complete game with Yakuza 4(the only thing missing was a quiz game called Answer X Answer, they did a great job localizing that game).

    So letters can definitely have a strong impact.

    However, even with that said, there is no guarantee that anything will happen. The best we can all do is send something in to show support and hope that Sega decides to take another look at this franchise outside of Japan

    Say whatever you want in your letter, but please keep it civil and try to refrain from making demands. Show them the respect that we all hope they will show US, the fans, by giving the Yakuza series another go.

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