• UnderpΩny - Twilight Zone

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    Cover of Twilight Zone by the talented and gorgeous Scarlett Peace, who I definately have a crush on. I did this and performed it at BUCK last year, but I never got around to putting it on my youtube for reasons I won't go into. Lyrics and download below.

    art by empty-10: http://empty-10.deviantart....

    Mediafire (direct MP3 download): https://www.mediafire.com/?...
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/unde...
    EqBeats: https://eqbeats.org/track/7420

    My brain is plagued with anxiety
    Don't you set my mane aflame
    Although I do like to practice propriety
    This mess might make me go insane

    You recommend I socialize
    But I would much prefer to be learning
    Don't be surprised if I overanalyze
    Its just my OCD

    This is my home
    You've entered the Twilight zone
    We can be alone
    Now you've entered the Twilight zone

    Why am I filled with insecurities?
    When I set my horn aglow
    I can feel the power flow through me
    How strong I am, I'd like to know

    They say I'm greater than the great and powerful
    But I still feel so small inside
    And I'll be there at the eleventh hour though
    I may want to run and hide

    This is my home
    You've entered the Twilight zone
    We can be alone
    Now you've entered the Twilight zone

    I felt it the moment I realized
    How happy I was to hear you, to see you,
    How much I cared about you
    How much I care

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