• Wolf's Rain Full Amv Back Into The Rain Seeking Paradise Remake Finalsouls Remake

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    -The Story remains the same as the first version from 2012 Kiba and gang seeking out Paradise ending in the death of all -
    After the good reviews I got on youiube from the first version .I decided it was time to remake this video with better sequence and thanks to the adobe settings and plug-ins it was made possble. I believe I did a decent job on the quality status of the video even though the original footage was at 640x480 I was able to enrich the footage with ( 4k 1280x720 )settings along with afew a high color settings from ( Filmstrap ) it made the noisiness and dull gray footage look more lively I believe the few spots you will notice LQ will be between 00:31-00:35 ,since I couldn't find a HQ footage for that creditless intro all I could get was 360 lower then 480.I added a few masks especially when it came to coloring in Cheza's hair into a darker pink which I'm suprised it looked so well on the character itself I believe in total there's about 70 mini masks throughtout the video give or take. There is alot of particles FX from snowing, stars in the sky ,blur grow ,smoke ashes, 3D sky replacements to flames. I did what I could to find a well adjust place for these VFX like in sense 1:28 with the Laser Eye attack throughs Kiba.I want to point something out which I'm sure you guys would ask me about it the reason Cheza generates electricity through her body is because I wanted to make it seen as if Cheza was biomechanical being with an electrical soul which can drown from after finding Paradise . someof these are now the best but it's not that noticeble
    I hope you enjoy the show and do tell what you think thanks for watching and droppin by
    Software Adobe Premiere =25%
    After effects =75%

    The video was only made for Artistic Expression, it is purely fan-made. This video is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime company. All rights belong to their respective owners. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

    Wolf's Rain,Kiba (キバ?, lit. "Fang"),Tsume (ツメ?, lit. "Claw"),Hige (ヒゲ?, lit. "Whisker") ,Toboe (トオボエ, Tōboe?, lit. "Howling"),Jagara (ジャガラ卿, Jagara-kyō?),Darcia (ダルシア, Darushia?) Cheza (チェザ?) Cher Degré (シェール・ドゥグレ, Shēru Dugure?) Hubb Lebowski (ハブ・リボウスキー, Habu Ribōsukī?) Quent Yaiden (クエント・ヤイデン, Kuento Yaiden?)Leara (リアラ, Riara?) Gehl (ゲイル, Geiru?) Episodes 1-30-1"City of Howls"
    "Hōkō no Machikado" (咆哮の街角) 2Dry-eyed Toboe"
    "Nakanai Tōboe" (哭かないトオボエ) 3"Bad Fellow[3]" 4Scar of Wilderness"
    "Kōya no Kizuato" (荒野の傷跡) 5Fallen Wolf"
    "Ochita Ōkami" (堕ちた狼) 6The Successors"
    "Uketsugu Mono" (受け継ぐもの) 7The Flower Maiden"
    "Hana no Shōjo" (花の少女) 8Song of Sleep"
    "Nemuri no Uta" (眠りの歌) 9"Misgivings"
    "Giwaku" (疑惑) 10Moon's Doom[3]" 11Vanishing Point"
    "Shōshitsuten" (消失点) 12Don't Make Me Blue[3]" 13Men's Lament"
    "Otokotachi no Aika" (男たちの哀歌) 14The Fallen Keep"
    "Botsuraku no Shiro" (没落の城) 15Grey Wolf"
    "Haiiroōkami" (灰色狼) 16"Dream Journey"
    "Yume no Tabiji" (夢の旅路) 17Scent of a Flower, Blood of a Wolf"
    "Hana no Kaori, Ōkami no Chi" (花の香り, 狼の血) 18Men, Wolves, and the Book of the Moon"
    "Hito Ōkami Tsuki no Sho" (人·狼·月の書) 19A Dream of an Oasis"
    "Oasis no Yume" (オアシスの夢) 20Consciously[3]" 21Battle's Red Glare"
    "Tatakai no Noroshi" (戦いの狼煙) 22"Pieces of a Shooting Star"
    "Ryūsei no Hahen" (流星の破片) 23Heartbeat of the Black City"
    "Kuroi Machi no Kodō" (黒い街の鼓動) 24Scent of a Trap"
    "Wana no Nioi" (罠の匂い) 25False Memories"
    "Ayamachi no Kioku" (過ちの記憶) 26Moonlight Crucible"
    "Gekkōro" (月光炉) 27"Where the Soul Goes"
    "Tamashii no Yukue" (魂の行方) 28Gunshot of Remorse"
    "Kaikon no Jūsei" (悔恨の銃声) 29High Tide, High Time[3]" 30"Wolf's Rain[3]" May 23, 2003 3 trailers, textless intro, promo footage, television ads 2 June 27, 2003 3 unbroadcast episode trailers, ADR documentary 3 July 25, 2003 3 episode trailers, ADR documentary 4 August 22, 2003 3 episode trailers, ADR documentary 5 September 26, 2003 4 episode trailers 6 October 24, 2003 4 episode trailers 7 November 28, 2003 3 episode trailers, a karaoke track that includes English subtitles 8 December 21, 2003 3 episode trailers 9 January 23, 2004 2 none — first OVA 10 February 25, 2004 2 none — second OVAWolf's Rain, Volume 1: In the Company of Wolves November 21, 2005 4 100 minutes Wolf's Rain, Volume 2: Pact of the Wolves December 12, 2005 4 100 minutes Wolf's Rain, Volume 3: Between Dogs And Wolves January 6, 2006 4 100 minutes Wolf's Rain, Volume 4: The Midnight of the Wolves February 13, 2006 4 100 minutes Wolf's Rain, Volume 5: The Kingdom Of The Wolves March 6, 2006 5 125 minutes Wolf's Rain, Volume 6: Amongst Wolves April 10, 2006 5 125 minutes Wolf's Rain, Volume 7: The Miracle Of The Wolves May 1, 2006 4 100 minutes Show less
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