• The Faceless Kitten

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    THANK YOU FOR ALL THE VIEWS! It makes me tear up with joy that so many people are seeing this message and are being touched by such a tragic yet great story. Please remember to adopt and spay/neuter your animals!

    Why is his left eye shut in the beginning?
    We think that the body was trying to protect that eye by forming fluid/puss around it. When he was under anesthesia the doctor tried to open that eye and puss just oozed out it was really intense. The reason his eyes are to the side while he's under the anesthesia is because he is under sedation and when that happens and a patient goes deep enough to sleep their eyes roll back.

    Is his vision okay?
    Yes, from what we believe he can see okay. The only problem he has with his eyes is that he's missing his lower tear duct on the left side which is for draining of tears. This means that his tears will just drain from that eye onto his fur so it looks kind of like he's crying but it's not too bad. He gets drops in that eye.

    Purring can mean more than happiness.
    Yes yes it can, purring can mean a ton of different things. The main reason I bring up that the kitten is purring when he first came in his because yes he was probably scared trying to calm himself down but also that he just wanted human attention the whole time even with such a scary wound on his face. He wanted to be petted and he really didn't act like anything was wrong with his face or that he knew. I'm used to cats coming into the vet's office and hating my guts from the get go. This cat is so friendly and lovable regardless of his conditions.

    What is exposed during the surgery scene?
    As you can see the layer of skin is pretty just pealed away and a nice clean cut is exposed after taking all the dried blood off the wound. The cartilage to his nose is broken on the left side and mostly just cartilage from his nose is exposed. His eye ball socket could be seen by lifting his skin. (I got curious).

    How much money did this cost and who paid it?
    To be honest, I'm not sure how much I didn't add it up. The suture material and the medication was paid by the clinic. Time is money and the Dr spent a lot of time to himself deciding how to suture the kitten's face just perfectly. The food and other medicines were paid by me and another staff member. The other staff member who now owns him pays for all his expensives now and paid to get him neutered.

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