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    We Are Anonymous.

    Operation METAL seeks to inspire the next generation of heroes. We ask the public to see themselves as they can be, not as they are. We here at Anonymous see the hero in you. We beg you to unleash that hero, to become the brave individual the world needs. To further clarify, we implore all to comment below on what makes someone a hero, to embrace the definition, in order to become what humanity desperately needs. It is time to set an example for the next generation. Something worth aspiring to. Something heroic and dangerous in all the right ways. Something new and brave. Operation METAL is about releasing your inner rock star.

    Because terrorism, super storms, political warfare--among other things--infest our everyday lives. Operation METAL is about looking out for one another, and lifting each other up before the dangers strike. It's about getting crazy in becoming better, faster, stronger. METAL music, for instance, screams at us to get up and go, to channel whatever negativity you (we) have stored to become what you've always wanted to be: The hero. So, we ask you, the people, to post your favorite METAL bands, your favorite METAL songs; the songs that pump you up, the bands that make you believe that a better tomorrow is coming. It's time to imagine the impossible, and to then grab that impossibility, and bring it into existence.

    Imagine with us, for just a moment, a world of heroes. Groups of all-stars organized throughout the globe dedicated to making the world a better place by volunteering, by inspiring, by guiding. By becoming symbols children need. So unleash your joy of being an inner kid: Cool dinosaurs, superheroes, big robots, awesome monsters. Because the only way we will be able to become the hero for the next generation is to never forget the roots that made us believe in heroes in the first place. We ask those watching this video to comment on what they grew up with, what made you believe during your years of innocence that a bright future awaited us all?

    Times are scary, we know. But when fear rises, life gives us the opportunity to be brave. Operation METAL is an event that will span six videos.

    Each video will make you realize the hero you are, by questioning the hero you always had, but never knew that you were.

    Operation METAL, phase one, engaged.

    We are the common citizen.
    We never forgive.
    We never forget.

    To the evils of the world,

    Expect all of us.

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