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    A child that grows must hold more substances than emiting them, more than an adult. The body of a child takes in more radioactive substances in food, drink and air we breathe than adults. Especially dangerous are 137 and Cs-134 and 137 (Heart) and Sr-90 -- deposited in the muscles or in the bone (see below). Radiogases which reactors emit do not disappear.
    Instead they become more deadly.
    Krypton 89 stays 18,4 seconds (full decay time) and becomes Strontium 89, which stays 500 days.
    Krypton 90 stays 323 seconds and delievers Strontium 90 (288 years) via Rubidium 90 (1,580 seconds).
    Xenon 137 stays 384 minutes and decays into Cesium 137 (300 years) which becomes stable Barium 137.
    Plutonium 241 stays 147 years, becomes Americium 241 which stays 4,000 years and then becomes Neptunium 237, which stays 22 million years.
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    Belarus has all the information Japan needs. But official sources from Belarus are fraud and pro nuclear. The Civil Society of both Nations must unite. Beware the pro nuclear pseduo-NGO programs ETHOS and CORE - they are made by french nuclear industry. Measure all food with Beta Gamma Activity Monitors and Whole Body Counter Check ups for all kids. Evacuate!
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