• The Brava 1 Year Teamtage - By Brava Currpaii (Brava Cams 9 - The End ♥)

    3,618 views 3 years ago
    Hey guys, Currpaii here and I am happy to announce that our 1 Year TEAMTAGE is out, but am sad to announce that this will be our last video that we post. (Unless we comeback.) I would really like to thank every single one of you that have subscribed to us in our time here on YouTube. We really appreciate it and really hope that you guys can still enjoy the content that is on the channel as we are not taking it down. I would also like to personally thank Next and Flexio for ever starting Brava, and I would also like to thank Durrpaii for all of the hard work he put into making the team look more professional. (Backgrounds, many avatars, etc.) I am going to say this one last time, and this time we mean it. Can you please get us to at least 200 likes?!

    (First motion track is from when Next and I were editing it, and I dont know what I was doing with the end.)

    - Currpaii


    Player(s): Go on the roster and sub every single one of them.
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    Song(s): - Tut Tut Child - Gravity (ft. Isabel Higuero)
    - Tut Tut Child - Hummingbird ft. Augustus Ghost
    - Pegboard Nerds ft. Splitbreed - We Are One
    - Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected

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