• [Progressive Metal] A Turn For The Worse - Tarby

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    Track 4 of Everfree - the longest I've done in a while, too. I took a ton of influence from several bands, and I'd love to see if you all can pick them out - drop me a comment if you think you pick up on anything and i'll confirm or deny~

    Also, the lyrics get pretty dark, so be warned. It's based on a piece of fan-art I saw, but unfortunately the account of the artist on Deviantart has been deleted, and I can't find a new place for it.

    You can but it here: http://tarbyrocks.bandcamp...., or on iTunes, Amazon.com. You can also listen to it on spotify, deezer, and several other streaming services.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tar...
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tarb...
    website: coming soon (Tarbyrocks.com)

    Art was designed by me in Gimp with a crap ton of filters.

    Something cryptic lying, turning in the cold
    Some strange mystery spinning on despite what we were told
    Beauty kept away from mortal eye
    Hidden deep within the arms of forestry and lies
    Practicing the silence in my curse
    Bit by bit, I swallowed it - It couldn’t get any worse
    Held in place by brilliant power unknown
    Taught, in place, my life’s a waste
    Forever here alone

    It’s all the same
    Oh, for years and years, it’s always held its claim
    Hear the whispers screaming, tauntingly:
    “Come to us, you’re one of us
    This is where you’re meant to be.”

    Almost out of place while at first glance
    Tired hooves attracted to it; quick from trot to raring prance
    Once a pony touches it, then pain is all he knows
    Cold assimilation is the curse that it bestows
    Still I feel the burning in my spine
    Rods of bloody iron keep me captive throughout time
    Spinning round in circles, endless cycles I despise
    While hidden deep within the arms of forestry and lies

    It’s all the same
    For years and years, and fucking years
    It’s always held its claim
    Nothing ever changes, while we’re fading at the heart
    Wish I could be free of this, but I don’t know where to start

    Suffer out now
    Suffer out now
    Suffer out now
    Suffer out now

    How'd I get here? I don't know
    Something showed me where to go
    Why'd I run away from home?
    Why'd I venture here?
    Saw spirals in the sky
    Crept into me, mesmerized
    Fell for all its silly lies
    Now I'm trapped in fear
    What's this before my eyes?
    Why am I so hypnotized
    Took the bait, and, walking in,
    Gave my fate into my sin.
    Feel its grasp, chained frustration
    Eyes wide in revelation
    Now just mental masturbation
    I can't leave, no, I can't stay

    Putrid smell of halted necrosis
    Why have I been forced to endure this
    Am I dead? I can't find a reason
    Why must feel this through every season

    Spinning out, keep on going
    With no earthly way of knowing
    Ride the carousel with me
    and give in to our misery

    You're now one of us
    So beautiful, so dangerous
    We'll keep you down, we'll keep you still
    We'll take away your freedom of will

    One of us
    One of us
    One of us
    One of us

    Round and round and round it goes
    Where it stops I never may know
    Living for eternity
    Blind from life, but I still can see
    Hear the engines grind and steam
    While skewered on my golden beam
    Hellish fires behind our eyes
    Reflecting on our lives

    Kill me, free me, please can you see me?
    Stay away if you want to die
    Kill me, free me, please can you see me?
    Living forever is just a painful lie

    It's all the same
    For years, and years, and fucking years, it's always held its claim
    Nothing ever changes, while we're fading at the heart
    Wish I could be free of this, but I don't know where to start

    Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Piano, and Programming - Tarby
    Mixing - Lavender Harmony
    Mastering - Recursion Show less
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