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    Make Your Own - Worlds First and Entirely New - Digital Payments - Join the Bitcoin Peoples Revolution - fake or freedom?

    How will the world look when your money is no longer controlled by central banks? If you can instantly send a payment to the other side of the globe, without any known sender or receiver? If your wages are paid in a currency that can not be taxed?
    Watch this lecture and discussion right here on YouTube. From the CEPOS (Center for Political Studies) meeting on 25th of October 2011: you can get answers to what the new digital currency Bitcoin will mean for the world when the Bitcoin project succeeds. Bitcoin is a digital currency from the same environment of computer programmers who have nurtured Wikileaks and piracy over the Internet during 2011. The value of a Bitcoin is a hundredfold to ten U.S. dollars, and when it emerged that Bitcoins were used to pay for drug trafficking over the Internet two U.S. senators came forward with proposals to ban the digital currency. But because the system is decentralized, it may prove easier said than done. While some believe that Bitcoin is a dangerous scam, others are convinced that it is the most important invention for the prosperity and freedom since the Internet. In any event, the Bitcoin economy over the years experienced major growth with more and more websites and physical stores, which accepts it as payment . Donald Norman is co-owner and PR manager at Bitcoin Consultancy, which is working to disseminate use of Bitcoin to established business world. On this YouTube video you can see and hear Norman give a free introduction to Bitcoin, where he addresses its economic foundation and illuminates the political and economic consequences for the project´s full potential.
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  • Occupy Wall Street Copenhagen 15th of October 2011 Play all

    Part 1-3) Occupy Wall Street Copenhagen 15th of October 2011, Fuck The System We Are Anonymous Power To The People, From Wall Street - To Copenhagen 15th of October 2011. Power To The Movement, The Homeless People´s Own
    Local TV for Greater Copenhagen - TV Street Space Copenhagen - = TVGaderummet - Tjek FaceBook gruppen OccupyCPH
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  • UN Recognized Palestine State - Ja til Palæstina Stat 2011 Play all

    FN anerkendt Palæstina Stat / UN Recognized Palestine State
    Talere ved Demonstration i København
    "STØT Palæstina i FN"
    Onsdag den 21. september kl. 18.30
    Mogens Lykketoft ( tidligere udenrigsminister i Socialdemokratiet
    Christian Juhl (formand for 3F i Silkeborg (Enhedslisten)
    Holger K. Nilsen (udenrigsordfører i SF)
    Zenia Stampe (næstormand i Radikale Venstre)
    Amro Hourani (lederen af det Palæstinensisk Repræsentationskontor i Danmark)
    Fathi El-Abed, formand Dansk Palæstinensisk Venskabsforening
    Mellem talerne blev der læst palæstinensiske digte op, som er oversat til
    dansk af June Dahy
    194 balloner i palæstinensiske farver blev sendt op. Tallet 194 symboliserer Palæstina som stat nr.194 i FN.
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