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    The natural world is composed of systems upon systems upon systems. Science has shown us that if we understand those systems, processes and structures, we can manipulate them into great feats of engineering—biological, chemical, mechanical and otherwise. Using guidelines painstakingly collected through generations of scientific work, we have come to rule our world.

    But this is only half of the story. We have neglected to consider the human element.

    It has occurred to thinkers throughout the millennia that similar systems, structures and processes exist within our personal and social lives, but up until now, no one has been able to identify them, at least comprehensively, let alone map them. When it comes to our personal and social lives, we're more often than not just taking stabs in the dark.

    We have now begun to shine light into this darkness.

    The Taxonomy of Human Elements in Endeavour, or THEE, maps what we are, the processes, structures and systems that occur within our minds that enable us to be creative, that dictate how we interact with others, how we make decisions, the nature of our societies, political systems and organizations. It is the microcosm of an individual mind and the grand arc of society's movement through history.

    Using THEE, we can begin to intelligently and positively engineer our own lives to make them more authentic to who we are as individuals. We can understand our organizations in human terms and we can discover our place in society and society's place in our lives.

    THEE allows us to view our humanity realistically. No ideology, no utopia. Only the fundamental truths of what it is to be human in all of its complexity, beauty, light and darkness.

    It is up to you to use it and benefit. And if enough of us do so, if enough of us realize and use our autonomy, awareness and knowledge, we CAN create a world fit for people. Show less
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