• XIM4 and VenomX Battlefield 4 Playstation 4

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    PLEASE MUTE OR TURN DOWN SPEAKERS! my editor for some reason adds in a tick noise sorry. Too big of a file to go back over and figure why.

    I'm an avid PC gamer since 1993 and using emulators since 2007.

    If any questions for either one I'm usually on www.Facebook.com/GODJOEY

    =====Will update this if I see anymore changes in the future of either product. =====

    Update! 10/28/2014
    Tuact added a benchmark basically what I was feeling but could only go by opinion. May explain some technical details for some.
    Update! 20140824 BETA Fixed the xim4 sticking issue!
    Just picked up the XIM4 and this is a few days in, setup was simple my XIM4 I was in the game very quickly with just setting my buttons and sensitivity.

    Been using Venom X for 8 months now.

    ****XIM4 is smoother in lower dpi mice at very slow movements "pixel by pixel" micro very slow circular motions "more forgiving of unsteady hands" than the VenomX. The VenomX is faster and tighter responsiveness "less forgiving of unsteady hands". ****

    ****Xim feels like it has pixel smoothing where venom has the edgy square pixel feel when moving very slow micro aiming tiny circles zoomed in.****

    This could be a few things like polling of the 8ms of the Xim4 versus the 4ms of the VenomX. As for the faster feel with faster hand movements may be how each company handles the algorithm and not the polling. Raising the dpi closes the gap for VenomX in smoothness in ultra slow aiming.

    I have OCD when it comes to this, by drawing fast half and full figure 8's it is most prevalent.

    My analogies of the 2 products.
    Xim4 reminds me of my Land Rover Supercharge ultra smooth air shock ride with all the power, bells and whistles I'll ever need.

    VenomX reminds me of my Hummer when maneuvering very slow then turns into the Range Rover smooth and maneuvers like my Jaguar if this makes any sense to ya lol, heh I tried =).

    Features. Xim4 has a HUGE! library of games, the wireless is an awesome feature I hope to use it when ios comes available or I'll buy a bluetooth adapter.

    Tuact did great with the VenomX TGS it feels like pc and performs excellent. Emailed Tuact for many months requesting them to tighten the movements and get rid of acceleration they finally did.

    These are the only 2 products out right now I would recommend trying. Both are playable but I still prefer the responsiveness of the Venom and g502 mouse. Try them both see what you think.

    I'm on all low input lag equipment, if you are on a 20+ms input lag tv you may not notice any differences.

    BenQ 120hz
    Equipment Used
    Filco Ninja Keyboard

    Settings for Xim4
    g502 I used 25 sens for hip and ads
    G500s I used 35sens for hip and ads
    G400 I used 70 sens for hip and ads
    Had to lower the sensitivity when increasing the dpi it increased the overall speed.

    Settings for VenomX
    3.0 sens 2.3 x/y 1.0 ads
    Increasing the dpi on VenomX does not increase the speed but
    the micro aiming.

    All max in game speed.

    Both performed great, the only issue I did notice in about 3 hrs of play I lost control over firing briefly tracking twice with Xim4. I will use my g400 tomorrow to rule out other possibilities "bad wire" or lag? "BETA update fixed this."

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