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    For all the people that are the tl;tr type (too long to read), skip to the last paragraph of this speech if you want to hear just a summary of all of this.

    This has been going on behind the scenes for quite some time, I would say the beggining of May. Most of you probably noticed that we havent uploaded shit ever since the Solace announcement trailer (which in a way, is still coming out but on the Besiege channel). So either way, lets start from the beggining.

    Back in May everyone in TBag did a small experiment for a few weeks, which basicaly was to stop focusing on the team channel and more on their personal ones. What that means is, we wanted to see what would happen if everyone in the team gave their best at expanding their own channels, rather than focusing on one video for the team one. The whole purpose of this was to see whether or not our guys would manage to start gaining a certain audience, as there's a common excuse that every PC player out there says (there is no recognition on pc cause there are no viewers) Which in our opinion, is freaking bullshit. When you look at the XBox community for example, there are hundreds, or even thousand of different names you can think of that that are considered a representitive, but when you look at PC there are only a few. And those few people have been here for quite some time and never stopped what they're doing. Now to clear things up, I am not saying the guys in Besiege right now are the top guys here. No, but they are the guys that are doing more than 90% of the people out there right now and are growing day by day. Because you cant just make one episode every 3 months and then complain to everyone that you're not getting the recognition you deserve because that's not how it works. Meanwhile, whilst that was in progress, our original idea was to rename the TBag channel to something associated with tB, because tB was a tag we all used ingame, but never something we used in videos, teamtages, etc. But there was a twist to that which started ever since 2014. This channel is partnered with Machinima and they have been making new policies and shit regarding copyright. And this channel had loads of uploads with copyrighted music, but it was never a huge thing cause it wasn't blocked anywhere, nor the artists mind us using it. But songs get copyrighted, and that adds additional strikes. This channel literally is screwed cause of it. We're actually on our last warning before the channel goes down. So with that happening, all of us as a team had to make a decision of what were supposed to do in order to keep this team going. So it came down to that it would be alot better if we prepared everything within a month and started completely from scratch on a new channel. After agreeing that we're making a new channel, this has opened up so many new opportunities. New name, new ideas, everything. But, we wanted to keep the history of this team in the new one. We all loved the tB tag, which was actually created on accident.
    THE DESCRIPTION WAS ACTUALLY TOO LONG, LOL, here's the remaining bit of the speech http://pastebin.com/Mpk5XVZS

    FOR EVERYONE THAT COULDN'T BE ARSED READING EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID ABOVE: TeamBesiege, also known as tB, is the new TBag channel where the roster has moved with an additional few talents. Its a 'new' team, but with a different goal. We are grateful for everyone that showed us support here, and would be pleased to see you there aswell. Big things are going to happen there, so make sure to stick around.

    Team Besiege:
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