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    What is hospitality?  It is something that comes from the heart, it emanates from the heart. It is difficult to describe but we welcome strangers. Or, when a stranger is welcomed, I think it is immediately felt.
    It is amazing how the transformation takes place with the students when they live and breathe and learn hospitality within the environment of a palace and that’s where these qualities of the Swiss-made hotelier really come out. They are born in the environment that they are studying in.
    The journey starts in SHMS Caux, which is a beautiful palace built in 1902. Hospitality is changing over time and especially the skills that the industry is looking for in students is evolving with that and as an institution, we really need to make sure that we prepare our students for the 21st century.
    So the students learn the more academic sides of classes in the classroom as well as the more practical skills. Our students are organising banquets, they are working in the restaurants, they are working in the kitchens always with this idea that they will be needing these skills to manage others in the future.
    What the hotel industry is telling us what they are looking for is students that have been able to transform to the point where they have this empathy, where they understand, they feel other people, and we call that “savoir-faire”. It is a process that really takes some development in them, to where they can empathise with people in front of them, with their employees in the future, with guests in the future and those soft skills are something they learn throughout the journey within our hotel management schools.
    Starting in Caux where they are learning by doing in the first few years, they come to Leysin where the management areas start to take effect and they are learning how to make some decisions and reflect on those decisions and the outcomes of them.
    Everything that you can imagine you would like to do you can do here in terms of skiing, parapenting, horse riding.
    They create their own activities as well within the hotel management school. We have a nightclub, we have restaurants, so the students are quite involved. Plus, we have a big gym and a spa so they can enjoy the services and the activities around, within the campus as well.
    There is no greater value for the hotel industry globally to have studied in Switzerland and Swiss Hotel Management School has a reputation and a brand value that is global because of the outcome of our graduates. They are out in the industry, continuing that reputation by being very employable, being leaders of the future.

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    Housed in former traditional Swiss Palace hotels, Swiss Hotel Management School is focused on "Learning By Doing". Lavish banqueting halls, a grand theatre, fully equipped wet and dry spas and multiple restaurants combined with courses validated by our UK university partner enables a fully encompassing hospitality operations education.
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