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    A poem by an Australian poet put to the music of JOHN SOKOLOFF.

    No Stairway to Heaven

    In the day I walk alien streets
    Watching a world that moves in circles;

    Past moves into present
    Present into future;
    The wheel turns
    Leaving us all alone
    To loiter through distant memories.

    Memory takes me to other circles;
    How we both lingered in locked yards,
    Walking in silence,
    Surrounded by razor-wire and loneliness;
    We could only exchange
    Questioning glances;
    We did not dare to acknowledge each other.
    Day after day
    Around the yard we walked
    Seeing in each other's face
    That dark presence
    That shadowed us both.

    Now I leave home at midnight
    Walking deserted back-streets
    I abide in darkness;
    From here I must find the way
    To place that exists no longer.

    Circumstance and fate are the cords
    That bind my lonely heart
    Circumstance and fate
    Leave me stranded
    To tread out this solitary path

    I follow an inner remembrance.
    This story told by the heart
    Will always be a woeful tale.
    There is no cure for being human.

    I sit here at old places
    Glancing back to a time past
    That still remains within the heart,
    Within the brain;
    Looking forward
    I give each sequence meaning.
    Looking back,
    My life is enclosed in these vast spaces.
    What seemed solid then
    Becomes fluid now

    I look for the progression
    That has brought me here;
    Each random event is ordered,
    Made sense out of,
    Only after it has past:

    This day finds me in the Cave
    Evening fades into the non-distinction of night.
    Day into evening, evening into night
    I slip into absurdity,
    Chance, madness, the inconceivable
    Engulf my heart
    All send me spiraling towards silence.

    Impressions, approximations,
    Vague intuitions tug at my heart;
    These storm-swept impressions
    Linger on the surface of consciousness.

    They move around a still-point;
    This point beyond conception
    Gives a sense of completeness to life
    Away from a fragmented world
    It calls us back to a unity.

    Movements form patterns
    Each one complete and repeated
    My gaze lingers in this world
    Where meaning moves
    Between distant hearts;
    It remains illusive
    Except in the eyes of another;
    Sometimes a sparkle turns
    Into a blazing light;

    These times are rare.
    Most times the world is shattered
    By this mirror;
    Such are the distances between us.
    Except when one eye meets another,
    Then a spark becomes a blazing light
    That surrounds each beating heart.

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