• Bistro in Vitro Play all

    Bistro In Vitro is a science-fiction documentary about a future restaurant.
    Sign up at http://bistro-invitro.com and be the first to make a reservation!
    Bistro In Vitro is food for thought.
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  • Ascent from Akeron Play all

    An interactive motion comic written by William Maher, illustrated by Gustavo Garcia
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  • De Pont Play all

    An (interactive) film and narrative game challenge exploring the potentials of 3D game engines


    Submarine Channel and the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (HvA) launch DE PONT – an interactive film and game challenge that revolves around a true Amsterdam icon. DE PONT is part of a research project that explores the storytelling potential of 3D game engines such as Unity for both filmmaking and game development. Storytellers such as game designers and filmmakers worldwide are invited to create a short (interactive) animation or game that takes place on the famous free ferry over the river IJ that connects the center of the capital to the upcoming north district.

    The project is open to storytellers, game developers, animators, interaction designers, sound designers, filmmakers, professionals and/or students (from all fields of study). Information on how to participate can be found at depont.submarinechannel.com.

    DE PONT has its roots in a simple observation: game development tools such as Unity are increasingly used by filmmakers, animators and storytellers to create films. As a result the visual languages of cinema and video games are converging. What if both game designers and filmmakers were to create a game or film based on the same theme using the same assets? How would they approach it? What stories would they come up with? Those are just a few of the questions that the initiators of De Pont hope to anwer.

    For many people, taking a ferry to get to work and back is part of their daily routine. The ferry is also a classic theme in literature and art. In Greek mythology, the ferryman Charon transports the souls of the newly dead across the river Styx into the underworld. Is everything the same on the other shore, or could we be on a passage to a completely different world? Who are the other passengers and what happens between them on the way? Who is the ferryman? By choosing a universal theme, the producers of De Pont aim to spark the creativity neurons in the brains of potential participants all over the world.

    The organizers are providing a basic set of 3D assets to help creators get started with their project. These assets can be downloaded at depont.submarinechannel.com for free and may be used or modified according to the needs of your project.

    A selection of the games and films will be showcased online and presented at various events and international festivals, including at the Digital Storytelling program of the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) in September 2015.

    DE PONT is an initiative of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (HvA) and Submarine Channel made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). The 3D assets are created by animation studio NMTrix.

    Applied research and knowledge building for both students and staff: that’s what Amsterdam Creative Industries Network is all about. Active in Amsterdam’s greater metropolitan region, and directly involving the creative industries and ICT sectors, Amsterdam Creative Industries Network confronts current social issues. DE PONT is part of the Interactive Cinema research project, which is a collaboration between The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Dutch Film Academy and is managed by Mirjam Vosmeer

    Submarine Channel is an international production and distribution platform for creative and innovative digital media productions. From studios in Amsterdam and L.A., Submarine Channel creates interactive documentaries, motion comics, and transmedia stories. Submarine Channel is part of the multiple award-winning production outfit Submarine, founded by 2000 by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting. Submarine Channel is made possible with the financial support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (The Creative Industries Fund NL), and Gemeente Amsterdam: Dienst Maatschappelijk Ontwikkeling (The City of Amsterdam).
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  • Unspeak Play all

    http://Unspeak.tv is an interactive documentary investigating the manipulative power of language. Blending filmmaking, data, technology, and design, the story of Unspeak unfolds across a series of short films, data visualizations, and a participatory dictionary. Unspeak is based on British journalist Steven Poole's intriguing book of the same name.

    Unspeak visualizes how language is manipulated to suit political agendas and the changing role and responsibility of the media. By tracing the history and incentives behind Unspeak terms, the documentary makes Unspeak framing visible to audiences and educates the public about this form of coded language that can be learned.

    Tune in to the wealth of daily Unspeak talk, so that you'll start seeing and hearing it everywhere. And then, perhaps, we can fight back.
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  • Submarine Channel Profiles Play all

    Submarine Channel talks to creative people that explore the boundaries of today's moving image culture. http://profiles.submarinechannel.com
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  • Dutch Profiles Play all

    Dutch Profiles are short documentaries about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in the Netherlands. Containing interviews with both well-known and upcoming Dutch designers, Dutch Profiles focus on their conceptual approach, their work process, and the context of their projects.

    Dutch Profiles is a 'digital exhibition' consisting of short documentaries that present a diverse but coherent survey of Dutch fashion, design, and architecture. From 2009 till early 2013, a total of 96 profiles were produced by Submarine for the DutchDFA programme, with an editorial board consisting of Jose Teunissen, Gert Staal, Huib Haye van der Werf and Christine de Baan.

    The series premiered at the opening day of Designyatra, 4 September 2009. Portraits by, among others, MVRDV, 2012 Architects, Jurgen Bey, Claudy Jongstra, Gerard Unger, Paul Mijksenaar, Philips, Carver, Marlies Dekkers, Alexander van Slobbe and G-Star started the series. The films drew lots of attention among the Indian audience.

    You can find all the videos, as well as more information at: http://www.dutchprofiles.com
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  • Minimovies - Dear Oprah Play all

    A year before the presidential elections of 2008, a crew of young European filmmakers goes on a journey all across the USA to search for Americas missing voters.
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  • Minimovies - Safety First Play all

    Safety First explores the indirect effects of 9-11 on our lives after entering an airport or traveling at ten thousand feet.
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  • Minimovies - Dream City Play all

    This Minimovie portrays several visitors of the theme park Dream City, who talk about their life in Iraq.
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  • Picnic with Cake / Picknick met taart Play all

    Picnic with Cake is an animated series and cross media adaptation of the famous picture book "Picnic with Cake" by Thé Tjong-Khing, published in more than 13 countries. A Submarine production.

    The animation series consists of 13 episodes of about five and a half minutes and a special of 25 minutes. The iPad game 'Picnic with Cake -- Little Fox's hunt for cake' is based on the special. Little Fox wants to bake a cake but all the ingredients are stolen. By playing the different games you can win back the ingredients from the bad guys Lizard and Frog. When you have collected all the ingredients you can bake the most delicious cake in the world.

    Picknick met Taart is een animatie serie en crossmedia adaptatie van de beroemde prentenboek 'Picknick met Taart' van Thé Tjong-Khing. Het boek is uitgegeven in meer dan 13 verschillende landen.

    De animatie serie bestaat uit 13 afleveringen van ongeveer vijf en een halve minuut en een special van 25 minuten.
    Het iPad spel 'Picknick met Taart - Vosje op taartenjacht' is gebaseerd op de special. Het verhaal speelt zich af rond het personage Vosje die een taart wil bakken maar alle ingrediënten zijn gestolen. Door de verschillende spelletjes te spelen kan je de ingrediënten terug winnen van slechteriken Hagedis en Kikker en de aller lekkerste taart van de wereld bakken.

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