• Magatte Wade's Keynote Speech at the 2013 International SFL Conference

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    We are extremely excited to announce that this year's Sunday Keynote for the 2013 International Students For Liberty Conference was Ms. Magatte Wade.

    Magatte Wade gave the best keynote speech at the International Students For Liberty Conference and moved an entire crowd of libertarians who could do nothing but give her a standing ovation. Watch as she tells us how we can better spread liberty across the world and help raise the standards of living for all people everywhere. Far too often we forget that liberty has no borders and we must brand it as such. Liberty truly is the answer and Wade will tell us why.

    Wade was born in Senegal, educated in Germany and France, and launched her entrepreneurial career in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she co-founded Adina World Beverages after working closely with Silicon Valley start-ups. She is a TED Global Africa Fellow and last year started a new company, Tiossan, a contemporary lifestyle products brand that integrates the three cultures that formed her, Dakar, Paris, and San Francisco. She is fluent in, and conducts business in, Wolof, the predominant indigenous language of Senegal, French, and English.

    She delivered this Ted Talk last year at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin (http://www.youtube.com/watc...). She was also named one of Forbes 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa and writes for The Huffington Post, Barron's, and other publications.

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