• What We Know Warframe Lore - The Entire Warframe Timeline (2017)

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    A chronological arrangement of all events and lore pieces currently in Warframe.

    This does not include quests themselves as the current star chart progression clashes with established events.

    The exact placement of events is rough, but should give a general timeline of things, most importantly, retired events and alerts that are no longer accessible in-game.

    I didn't include them in the video because they clash with current progression, but going roughly, here is how the various quests would align in this timeline by going off of a combination of release date, story progression idealism, and current gameplay progression (yes I know it's contradictory). When I inevitably update this video, I'll likely include this list.

    Vor's Prize - Listed in the Video
    Once Awake - Listed in the Video
    Howl of the Kubrow - After Fusion Moa Event, Before Gradivus Dilemma
    Stolen Dreams - After the Gradivus Dillemma, Before Hunt for Alad V
    The Limbo Theorem - After the Hunt for Alad V
    Patient 0 - During the Mutalist Incursions, Before Tubemen of Regor
    The Archwing - After Gate Crash, Before Eyes of Blight
    A Man of Few Words - After Tubemen of Regor, Before Natah
    The New Strange - Before the Second Dream, After Stolen Dreams, (possibly after Second Dream? [Higher MR Req])
    Natah - After Tubemen of Regor
    The Second Dream - After Natah, Before Operation Shadow Debt
    Sands of Inaros - After Operation Shadow Debt
    The Jordas Precept - After The Second Dream, After the New Strange
    Octavia's Anthem - After The Second Dream, After the New Strange
    The Silver Grove - After The Second Dream
    Hidden Messages - Before The War Within, After the Second Dream
    The War Within - After Operation Rathuum
    The Glast Gambit - After The War Within
    The Pacifism Defect - After Operation Rathuum, Before Chains of Harrow
    Ambulas/Ambulas Reborn - After the Glast Gambit
    Chains of Harrow - The actual most recent event on the timeline. After Ambulas Reborn.

    Honestly, it's a confusing mess, and a single re-interpretation of a timeline placement could rearrange the whole thing. Here's hoping they fix it someday. Show less
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  • What We Know Warframe Lore Play all

    A series where I look at Warframe's lore and try to connect related pieces of the world in a more coherent manner. I definitely read too much into things, but when there is so little to read into, it becomes necessary.
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    Please note that these recordings were done prior to the official release and do not reflect the official mixes. Purchase the official version from here: https://warframe.bandcamp.com/releases

    The Ambient, Combat, and Diorama Music to Digital Extremes' "Warframe" Be warned: The audio was recorded at different settings and qualities over the past couple years, so be sure not to have the volume too loud when transitioning between tracks.
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